1. Nothing is more important that your health – Your exercise program should be a commitment to you, to becoming the best version of you. Living a longer and healthier life is what we all hope for. You owe it to yourself to have a trainer and an entire community who will care for, and focus on, you. 
  2. We don’t all love to exercise – find a trainer who understands this. Look for a trainer whose passion is to change lives, who will focus on your needs and wants, versus what they think is sexy and interesting. You should have someone who you can connect with, who will step into your shoes to guide you and to push you with the right amount of empathy and encouragement, someone who understands your hopes, struggles and pain, who will challenge you to go where you didn’t think was possible. 
  3. Look for a gym with high trainer retention – A gym who values their trainers will keep them for years. Trainers will stay at one place if they are in an environment that supports their growth and education, where they can better themselves in order to give the most to their clients. They will be happy, successful and fulfilled. You will benefit from their constant never ending improvement through variety and results-oriented programs. Once you build a strong relationship with your trainer, you will want them to be there for you for years. Find a gym that truly cares for their trainers and you will have the best experience. 
  4. Your training program is about you – this is your time to focus only on yourself for a brief time. When you are training, you are free from your phone, free from other people pulling you in different directions, free from all other obligations. During your training sessions no one is asking anything of you, except your trainer in an effort to give you the results you want. Be sure to find a trainer you genuinely like, as you’ll be spending a lot of time together, and find a gym where you can really enjoy your “me time”. This time away is truly priceless, and you will be better for everyone else in your life, if you focus on yourself first. 
  5. Go with your gut – when you walk into a gym, take a moment to feel the energy. Is it a warm environment? Are people engaging with each other? Are there some smiles among the groans of hard work? Do you see yourself as part of the community? What does your gut tell you? Find a gym that feels good to you, that has a palpable positive energy. This is your journey of health, vitality and longevity. Commit to you!