Limitless Possibilities

Since March 2020 life has been suffocated with limits and barriers. We were told what to do and how to think. That is the opposite of the Silicon Valley mindset. We love innovation, we love brilliant minds and endless possibilities to achieve our goals and dreams. Coming up on four years since we were forced to shut down, we reflect on all the good that came out of that time and look ahead to limitless opportunities.

We followed the rules because we had no choice, but we did not let the media or misguided information shape our decisions on how to stay healthy. Underneath all the craziness, we dug into the research more than ever to bring you the latest on health and longevity. The only barriers in front of us now are those we set ourselves – so no excuses! We have the freedom to thrive in 2024!

Our goal is to 10X our knowledge and always be open to changing our minds as new information surfaces. The most exciting thing about science is that it’s constantly expanding and evolving. We are committed to making more time everyday to delve into the research, read books by top experts and continue to listen to and learn from the smartest minds in the longevity space such as Rhonda PatrickPeter AttiaAndy GalpinAndrew Huberman and David Sinclair, just to name a few. Before podcasts, you would not have had the opportunity to learn from these brilliant doctors and scientists, unless you were attending prestigious universities like Harvard, John Hopkins or Stanford. Now, we listen to a minimum of 5 different podcasts per week so we can bring you the most current information, making AXIS the place of constant never ending improvement and education.

Every year we attend some of the best conferences in the world on health and longevity. This year will be no different, including the Metabolic Health Summit and A4M events, where we often hear from researchers before their studies are published or their books are released, allowing us to bring you the most current research.

Each month we will share with you our favorite and most interesting topics through podcasts, articles, and our own blogs. We also started the AXIS Book of the Month after repeated questions from clients about what we were reading. We love discussions in the gym and online about the books and new information so please keep the questions coming! We want to curate the best topics and research for you. We also know what we don’t know, and are not afraid to be wrong or to change our thinking. That is how real progress happens – being open to new thoughts and ideas, and that’s where the real fun is too. We look forward to learning together!

AXIS has been inspired by watching you and your trainer create an all-encompassing daily health routine, including strength training, balance, cardiovascular work, nutrition and flexibility to keep your mind and body strong and nimble. Many of you have added other practices such as sauna, red light therapy and cold showers/plunge to optimize your health. This is just the tip of the iceberg! Do not let any barriers get in the way of your greatest self and your health span. Now is your time to thrive!

Cheers to a successful and healthy 2024!!

Much Love,

The AXIS Team