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Our team of over 40 trainers is focused on a common goal: Give our clients more than they ever thought possible through continuous professional development and an exceptional experience for everyone who walks through our door.

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With clients of all ages and abilities, our trainers design individualized programs based on the most current science and research not the latest trends. As part of the AXIS community, our commitment to you does not end at the close of each session.



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  • Simone Coxe

    Simone Coxe

    The trainers at AXIS provide the motivation and expertise to achieve any physical goal – from building superior athleticism to recovering from injury.  Our family has depended on AXIS for over ten years to make us strong and fast, stay  balanced, and recover quickly.

  • Jody Horowitz

    Jody Horowitz

    I feel very fortunate to have had the good fortune to train for more years then I care to admit with Scott Norton. Scotty has kept me focused on the importance of consistent core work while working on balance, strength training and healthy eating so I'm able to continue playing the sports I so enjoy. I'm proud to say I am one of his first clients and over the years he has become a good friend. I'm kinda of hoping this positive write up might get me a few free sessions..hehehe. Here's to the next twenty Scotty...yikes!

  • Linda Alvarez

    Linda Alvarez

    There has never been a day in the past 17 years that I have walked out of AXIS without feeling significantly better than I did when I walked in. Scott and I have so much fun during our workouts, yet I still work harder than I ever thought possible. The atmosphere at AXIS is upbeat, the staff is professional and I have never had a workout related injury. I love it!

  • Barbara Packard

    Barbara Packard

    During my 30 years as a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard, I stayed in shape by running three to five miles a day and using the company’s fitness center. I first learned about AXIS when I retired and began looking for a new place to work out. I had some arthritis pain and the beginnings of osteoporosis. One of my friends suggested that I work with a trainer at AXIS, and specifically recommended Allison. Getting back into regular exercise helped me to lose twelve pounds and a dress size. I’m standing up straighter, and my balance has improved tremendously. At 84 years old I am proud to be able to do a chest press with 20 pound dumbbells, which has helped keep my arms in shape for sleeveless shirts! I’ve been absolutely delighted with Alli. She’s a very nice person, and we’ve become friends over the last 14 years that we’ve been working together.

  • Scott and Susan McNealy

    We have loved training with Scott Norton for 14 years! Scott brings laughter and fun to challenging workouts that push us to meet our goals. We would never work as hard as we do – or see the results that we see – without Scott’s awesome and ever-changing workouts. Truly not sure what we would do without his uplifting spirit and “you can do this” attitude.