We’re not Oprah, but over the last year we have looked at many different gadgets and tools. We are obsessed with learning the latest inventions to compliment and promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorite things this holiday season, for anyone on the nice list:

Blue Blocker glasses – If you missed our blog post on Blue Blockers, you can read it here. We have used these for over a year and these are an absolute must for promoting better sleep and protecting from the constant influx of junk light. From office lighting to computer screens, blue light messes with your body’s circadian rhythm, can cause sleep issues, headaches, eye strain, and potential long term adverse effects as well. Here are a few brands we have used and would recommend:

https://shopfelixgray.com/ – These are great because they come in many different options, including reading glasses and prescription glasses. Their customer service is fabulous and we like the look of these for everyday wear.

Other great brands that we have used and highly recommend: https://truedark.com/ and https://www.swanwicksleep.com/

Oura Ring – We have been using the Oura Ring to track our sleep for almost a year. It tracks heart rate, HRV (Heart Rate Variability, a key measure of cardiovascular health), as well as deep, light and REM sleep. It can connect with your apple watch to track activity too so you get the full picture of your readiness for an active day (or a “take it easy” day). You can see trends over time and make notes as well to gain insight into what factors help or hinder your sleep. With sleep being one of the most important things we can do for optimal health, the Oura Ring is definitely a great add to our longevity toolbox: https://ouraring.com/

Light Therapy – A fabulous way to improve a whole host of things in a relaxing, non-invasive way, with no side effects. Red light therapy helps to speed up recovery, decrease inflammation, increase collagen production and optimize sleep, just to name a few benefits! Joovv has many different sizes for home use: https://joovv.com/ 

Clearlight Infrared Sauna: If you’re considering a sauna for your home, we highly recommend Clearlight. They have a wide range of sizes, they look great, and their customer service is top-notch. There have been many studies showing the huge benefits of sauna use. For more information, read the notes or listen to Rhonda Patrick’s recent podcast on the wide-ranging benefits of sauna use. To buy one for your home go to: https://www.healwithheat.com/

Hypervolt: A staple at AXIS, and wonderful gift for anyone who wants to feel great! We’ve tried other massage devices and still love this over any others.

Pso-Rite: Another massage tool that we’ve recently added to the AXIS toolbox. Mainly for the psoas, this can be used for other areas as well. The shape mimics that of an elbow or hand to really dig into the tightness. They also have a mini one that is amazing for smaller areas. Enjoy the pain and release with the Pso- Rite!

Quip toothbrush – This electric toothbrush is wireless and small, super easy to use and to take on the go. The best is the 2 minute timer (great for the kids), to make sure we’re not rushing through our morning routine 🙂  https://www.getquip.com/

Molekule Air Purifier – Very interesting technology to kill pollutants in the air such as mold and bacteria. It also looks sleek and is very quiet. They now have two sizes: https://molekule.com/

The AXIS Your Potential Journal: Ok, shameless plug but it’s a great gift for anyone who likes a paper planner (there are still those of us out there) or who wants to simply do daily journaling (or better yet, both!). The planner/journal is not dated so can be used anytime. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

*Note: Other than the journal, we have no affiliation with any of these companies. Our goal is to share what we love. Happy shopping!