It’s easy to get caught up in the suffering and pain, the difficulties and challenges of Covid 19. It can be hard to get away from the doom and gloom. Now we find ourselves caught between differing opinions on what we need to do next. Do we continue to shelter in place, will it save more lives? Or do we open up businesses to help the economy and the many people who are suffering loss of jobs, incomes and hope for a promising future? There is data to support both and we hope the brilliant minds across the globe will come together to find the right path, to use the opposing ideas and discussions to eventually bring us the best outcomes.

We choose to focus on the positive outcomes we have seen over the past 10 weeks: the many businesses that were able to pivot to find new and innovative ways to continue on while shut down, families spending more time connecting, more people exercising outdoors, and neighborhoods coming together to help others. For us, the best thing to come out of this has been the outstanding effort of our AXIS community to get through this together. Our clients have been amazing with the emotional, financial and psychological support (off-the-charts greatness)! Knowing you were there for us drove our motivation to push through and make sure AXIS is always here for you. 

Our AXIS Team stepped up in more ways than we can count during the shut down. In good times, it’s easy to be great, but in tough times, we have had the privilege of seeing our trainers and staff really shine. While going through challenges themselves, they proved their selflessness with their focus on their clients. From hours of Zoom and FaceTime workouts to the many calls, texts and emails, they have stayed dedicated to their clients’ health and well-being. Our team pulled together to deliver the many videos, content and of course to bring you the Sip & Stretch Class as well. Their strength to thrive during such an unprecedented difficult time, has made us so proud. We have loved more than anything, watching trainers and clients show their best selves. We thank our AXIS community – we really are a family – for supporting each other. 

We choose to focus on the things we can control: safety and cleanliness at AXIS, as well as everyone’s health. Your safety is our top priority. This is why we have spent the past two months cleaning, researching and preparing for your return. This week we are updating our air filtration system, and doing a deep cleaning and then a full sanitizing of every inch of the facility. We are going beyond the CDC guidelines to make sure you feel safe and comfortable so you can focus on you! 

If you feel safe, you will have a more successful training experience. This is more important than ever. 70% of our population is overweight and 40% of the 70% is considered obese. 88% of the adult population has 2 or more comorbidities; that is a problem! Hypertension, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc. all affect your immune system and increase your risk of complications from a cold, flu and Covid 19. It is crazy that only 12% of the adult population is metabolically healthy, and that is what we are focusing on for you. AXIS will be part of the 12%! Through exercise, eating well (limiting sugar and processed foods), getting adequate sleep, and Vitamin D, we will optimize our immunity, live longer and not put us at risk of having severe complications with Covid 19. Fear and stress also decreases our immunity so let’s focus on what we can control, not what is out of our hands.

That is why we have spent the past 23 years, and even more so over the past 10 weeks, making your training facility the cleanest, safest, happiest place on earth. Your AXIS Team is excited to greet you with open arms (and a mask), so you can control your health and your future. We will do whatever we can to beat this “boogie man”, Covid 19. As soon as we have an opening date, we will let you know. More Information should be coming out this week so we’re optimistic that we will be able to see you all very soon!

Please see our Safety Protocol page for more information and answers to some of the questions you may have regarding your return to AXIS.