So many times we are too focused on getting things done; the to-do list may feel like it’s never ending, but sometimes you have to just step back and smile. Step back and look at your business from the outside; appreciate the moment of seeing a thriving community, an energetic environment, and enjoy watching your team care about each other. That is an amazing gift that we are so often too busy to see.

In one of our prior blog posts we talked about our culture and a time when we realized how strong it had become. It was during a holiday party when our team just talked, ate, drank, and enjoyed being together. There were no fake team building activities, or things to keep people entertained so they would have forced fun. It was just a great group of people having a great time together. It’s important to take a step back at times and enjoy the love that you see around you with your clients, customers, and team members.

Sometimes we do this at the gym, and yes, we should always be 100% focused on our clients (and 99.9% of the time we are), but there are times when all of the sudden you get this feeling of “wow, this is special”. It’s those times when it’s super busy, when there are weights being dropped, balls being thrown around, great music playing, and lots of smiling, laughing, complaining and grimacing all at once. It’s during these times of energy and excitement that we step back for a quick moment and appreciate everything we have and everything we are able to give. It’s truly inspiring.

We have so many trainers who have almost grown up at AXIS, who started in their early 20’s and are now well into their 30’s and 40’s. It’s so special to step back and look at our people and how they’ve evolved as professionals and more importantly, how they’ve matured, learned and become better versions of themselves. We think about the metrics many businesses use to measure success, such as increases in sales, revenue, etc., but a huge part of a successful business is having employees who are driven to be better. Taking time out to see these more subjective success are so valuable. In his new book, “The Messy Middle,” Scott Belsky talks about how crucial it is to see the smaller wins along the way and to appreciate the wonderful people you have on your team. This is what keeps us going day after day, this is what we celebrate, not meeting some financial goal or number that we were shooting for.

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to attend some of our trainers’ weddings. In fact, one was for two of our trainers who found each other at work. Maybe the office romance doesn’t always work out and is often frowned upon, but in this case they both found their soulmate at AXIS. That is beautiful! It’s so special to be a part of these weddings and to share in their happiness. It is also at these events that we are so grateful for the community that has been created at AXIS. We see great friendships that have been fostered in the gym, but nothing shows this more than at a wedding. One of our trainers has been the officiant three separate times for weddings of his friends and fellow AXIS trainers. To see those friendships that have become so strong among co-workers is amazing. We also see the many relationships formed between clients. While they may chat some in the gym, at a wedding they will talk and talk like old friends. We’ve also had the opportunity at weddings, to hear from some of our clients about how special their bond is with their trainer, the impact their trainer has had on their lives and that of their whole family. We are so grateful for these moments.

When AXIS started in 1996, part of the vision was to create a “gathering spot” for trainers and clients. Now, over 22 years later, we have that and so much more! We love that we have this beautiful place that brings people together and that has given so many people happiness. These bonds, friendships, and even love connections, that have formed as a result of being within our community, are priceless. We are grateful for the strong and successful business we have at AXIS, but we appreciate when we do step back and smile, when we look around and take it all in, and be thankful each and everyday for what we have. This is why the headaches, the failures, the stress and sleepless nights that are often part of running a business, are all 100% worth it. As the song goes, “Love will keep us together”, we have to remind ourselves to take the opportunities to step back and smile, and know that love keeps our business and our community strong.