The Law of Attraction has been described as having positive thoughts to bring about positive experiences, that energy, whether good or bad, attracts similar energy. Is it really some mystical thing that happens in the universe? Can we direct outcomes by simply thinking positively? There are many “self help” books on the subject, and most are a bit too out there for our liking, with no real direction on how to make change. It seems like just saying or wishing for change is not enough; you need to have a clear path for how to make positive changes. However, what we have learned, and know to be true, is that making a conscious effort to bring good energy to people, being genuine and giving yourself without expecting anything in return, does bring about positive interactions. These can lead to amazing experiences and opportunities if you grab onto to them, but they don’t just happen.

Scott’s Story:  

In the early 90’s, before AXIS was born, I was training in a small, but nice office on Sandhill Road. Our clients were those you’d expect, the VC’s and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley. These were some of the most successful people in business, yet in the gym they were often times uncomfortable, nervous and vulnerable. These were also people who were always being asked for money, introductions, free advice, etc. It was our responsibility to create an environment where they would feel welcome, comfortable and not at all obligated to do anything for anyone except themselves. We shared our knowledge and expertise, but also shared our passion, positivity and love. We treated everyone the same. In the gym we’re all in the same boat; we’re sweaty people trying to be better, stronger and healthier.

It was during this time on Sandhill Road that I met Steve Jobs. There have been books, articles, and many anecdotes about how Steve Jobs was often mean, disrespectful and downright rude. This was not my experience and it’s thanks to the Law of Attraction. Even he was influenced by people not giving a shit about who he was, people treating him like any other guy in a gym, and just showing love and laughter. He dropped his facade and was just one of the trainees. We argued about his favorite movie, Harold and Maude. Though I hadn’t seen it, I told him it looked horrible. When he gave me a copy, I appreciated the gift, watched the movie which only reaffirmed my opinion – it sucked! I had no problem telling him so. He laughed, said this is a cultural wasteland and high-fived me. When the movie Toy Story came out he asked me if I was going to see it, to which I replied that I was not going to see a stupid cartoon. He smiled and shook his head. (Of course I ended up seeing Toy Story after all and loved it!!) On another occasion, Steve brought his son in, who was pretty young at the time and ran around the gym in a superhero cape. This moment of watching a dad smile at his son having fun, was beautiful. Steve was like any other guy when we were in the gym. We showed love, had lots of banter and laughter and made him part of our team. We wanted nothing from him, but wanted him to be healthy and happy. We showed love and positivity without expecting anything in return.

I was very lucky to train at a place where I had the opportunity to meet some remarkable and very influential people. I would rather be lucky than good as they say, and it definitely helped pave the way to AXIS. Having positive energy is a start, but you have to seize the opportunities when they are presented, and not lead off with wanting something in return. That’s what has made us successful.

Our Law of Attraction is really about showing up everyday, constantly reading and learning, and giving back to the community. It’s loving and valuing your friends and family, loving and appreciating the people you work with. It’s working your ass off, dreaming about your passion and executing your mission. It’s laughing and crying, smiling and thinking positive thoughts. It’s not always easy, but when you give unconditionally, never expecting anything in return, you will get back way more than you’d ever imagine. That is our Law of Attraction!