Hope is not a strategy, but over the past 12 months that was sometimes all we had. We got through this year by keeping that hope alive, researching the latest information and engaging with our community. Moving forward no matter how difficult the path, was the only way through.


We spent hours listening to podcasts, learning from webinars and sifting through scientific studies on PubMed to keep up with the ever-changing data and science coming out about Covid-19. Our goal was to not follow a narrative we agreed with, but base our information on proper research so we could create the safest and healthiest training space for you.


We implemented all of the safety protocols – social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, updating the air filtration system and of course, wearing our stylish masks! Yes, we are now pros on the 3 C’s and the 3 S’s: CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Our commitment to you was that whether you trained outside or inside at AXIS, you always felt safe. We are proud to say that we have had ZERO infection in our training space.


While science drives decisions and how we implement safety protocols, we also stepped back and looked at the coronavirus as any other potential impediment to our health. Common sense tells us that exercise, nutrition and quality sleep is important for a healthy immune system. Having the body in an optimal state makes it ready for anything. Just like if you were to have knee surgery, the stronger you are going in, the quicker and easier your recovery will be. Having a strong immune system helps you prevent or lessen the severity of anything your body is exposed to. That is why from the beginning, we pushed the importance of exercise, nutrition, sleep, vitamin D, K2 and zinc for immunity. It was common sense based on science.


What really got us through the past year more than anything else, was our community. From the first day of “Shelter In Place” we knew one thing that mattered most, was keeping our community connected, and that connection was paramount to your health. AXIS has always been a gathering spot for clients and trainers to share, laugh and become healthy together. Being at home was not going to stop us! We started with the Quarantine Challenge and rolled from there with daily videos, newsletters and articles about how to keep you safe and healthy. Our team stepped up in ways we could not have imagined, and our community became even closer, while being physically apart.


One of our proudest moments, once we were able to be at AXIS again, has been training the most vulnerable groups. We have had 75-95 year old clients who never left their homes, except to come to AXIS. They trained with us because it was their safe place; they felt comfortable and it improved their physical, mental and emotional states. We are proud of everyone in our community who stayed focused on their health, whether at home or in person with us at AXIS. Cheers to you!


Today, the air smells better, the flowers look brighter and the world is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We cannot let our guard down now. We will continue to have hope, follow the science, listen to common sense, and above all else, support our AXIS community.