One year ago, on St. Patrick’s Day, our world changed when we were ordered to SIP (Shelter in Place). For the first time since 1918, we were in a global pandemic and totally unsure of what would follow. We know we were not alone in being scared, freaked out, lost and confused. Forced to shut down our business and hope for the best, was far from easy or comfortable. We thought it would be a few weeks, then we thought just a few more…one year later we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

In 2019 we were preparing for a business “winter”, knowing an economic downturn was due – similar to the 2001 dotcom bubble and the 2008-9 mortgage crisis. However, no one expected anything like what the world experienced in 2020. A year later, after constant conversations and worry about the ugly virus, we are choosing to focus on the good things in life. Today, we are taking time to appreciate all that we have and the opportunities for the future. 

The silver lining has been the deeper connection with our community that has developed over the past year. The constant engagement with videos, blogs, letters, laughter, online and offline workouts, and of course the sauna time 😉 has been amazing. This year has given us a renewed sense of just how much we love training and helping you live a healthy life. We are a stronger community, because of the past year! We bent, but did not break! The strength and success of the past year has given AXIS the platform to thrive. 

THANK YOU, to everyone in our community, for the encouragement, love and constant support. You are the SIP Champs!!