Building a business is hard, it takes constant focus and a lot of grit. It’s always a battle of what is the best thing to do now, what will make a bigger impact in the future, and many times it’s choosing the path that sucks in the moment. In any career or business you always have these decisions to make. Choose wisely!

I’m starving!

We love this example that we have shared over and over with our team: a story of convenience vs. inconvenience. As trainers we are usually busy throughout the day; on a good day we have back-to-back clients for several hours. We love it, we thrive on it, but when we get a break we really need it. We’re starving, we’re tired mentally and physically and all we want to do it sit, relax, not talk to anyone for 10 minutes, and have a snack. On this particular day many years ago, one of our trainers was offered a new client who popped in and was ready to start right away. Rather than jumping on this opportunity to gain a new client, who could potentially be the client that would help build his business through tons of referrals, the trainer’s reply was “I’m starving, I have to eat.” He didn’t take the client and the client went to another trainer.

We all have times when we want to take the most convenient path but making the tough decision to do what is inconvenient, uncomfortable or even risky, may pay off exponentially in the end. That one client you turn away may be the one who knows everyone in town, who will rave about you at parties, who may single-handedly build up your business, and may even share their vacation home in Hawaii or their season tickets to the Warriors! Never pass up an opportunity; never burn a bridge (another topic for another day). Most of the time, the end result will be worth it!

To Do Lists

As leaders, we are always weighing the convenient vs. inconvenient. Being pulled in many different directions, with millions of tasks, tons of emails, and a day filled with meetings and putting out fires, it’s easy to get caught up in what needs to get done, the check-the-box type of tasks. Instead we should be taking a step back and staying focused on what will make a bigger impact on the business.

Sometimes we have to take care of the “to do” items at a more inconvenient time. That may mean running reports, doing expenses and answering emails after dinner. Being accessible during the day is so crucial. Taking a few minutes to engage with clients, trainers, and the guy who delivers our towels, is more important to the success of the business than anything. If we’re too busy with mundane tasks, we are not taking time out to listen, to have real conversations, and to sincerely care about our people. That is what creates an environment where people want to work hard and want to work together. That is how we all succeed.