This week we celebrated our 26th anniversary of AXIS.  Thank you for sharing the fun and the memories.  Seeing the hair, the clothes, and Halloween costumes from years past gave us all some good laughs, as well as a reminder of all of the great times and the bad times too.  We wouldn’t change a thing and we love you for being a part of it! ❤️

Looking back to 1996, it’s amazing how many advances there have been to make our lives easier. The exponential growth in technology is mind blowing.  Think back to what car you drove 26 years ago and imagine a Tesla pulling up next to you in the AXIS parking lot – it would have seemed like a UFO sighting!  Now we have charging stations outside our door and Teslas and EV’s are everywhere.  And can we even fathom a time before the iPhone?!  Thankfully the workout look has also improved with Lululemon and Vouri coming onto the scene. ?

The advancements in lifespan, and more importantly, healthspan, have also increased exponentially.  One of the biggest positive changes has been you taking charge of your personal health, being proactive and preventative.  It now seems to be the norm, among our guests, to have a concierge doctor along with other specialists to improve your quality of life.  We are seeing more and more biohacking medical clinics popping up, from BioRest Medical, Biohackr Health, and Next Health to name a few.  Hearing about treatments such as NAD IV, peptides, exosomes, and stem cells are becoming more common among our community.  We’ve also delved into more extensive blood work with InsideTracker and Life Force.  Now you can even get a full comprehensive scan of your entire body through companies like Q Bio to find potential problems before they manifest themselves.  This has been a deep dive for us over the past 6 years, attending conferences such as the American Academy on Anti-aging Medicine World Congresses, and the Metabolic Health Summits, along with several others on longevity.  In 1996, It would have been impossible to imagine the technology and knowledge we now have at our fingertips, WOW!! It is why we love to work and live where we do.

All of the advances in technology and medicine are interesting and exciting.  However, the #1 biohack you can do to improve your lifespan, you are already doing. What is that?? It’s called exercise!!  Leading experts like Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Rhonda Patrick all agree that exercise is the drug of choice and nothing even comes close. Strength training, in particular, is one of the best tools we have to live a longer and healthier life.  Yes, nutrition, sleep and sunshine matter too. Give yourself a pat on your back for continuing your health journey.

This week we reflected a lot on the health of our AXIS community.  We joked that we are all getting younger and younger, but in fact, we are.  We have clients in their 90’s who come in with a firm handshake and a smile, clients in their 80’s who came in during the worst of Covid because they needed the community and their health.  Clients of all ages are making improvements in strength and health everyday.  Sadly, we hear stories from clients of their friends and family members declining in old age (and many are not that old).  In our 26 year history with so many clients who have been consistently exercising, we have seen very little degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease or serious cardiovascular disease.  Even cancer rates are low among our community and so many have had amazing outcomes even when some of these serious things present themselves.  It’s really a beautiful study in the magic of movement, the importance of strength, and let us not forget the positive impact of a supportive and loving community.  We applaud you for taking your health in your own hands and we thank you for letting us guide you along the way.

We will continue to listen to the best podcasts, attend conferences and read the latest data on the science of longevity and health from the leading experts.  We will be ok with being wrong so we can learn and grow to better serve you and continue to improve our training community.  We will continue to learn about the latest and greatest in the anti-aging field, but we will always put exercise ahead of it all. This is the most exciting time to be alive, let’s enjoy this journey together!!

*Disclaimer: The information in this blog is for informational purposes only. Please always consult your doctor before considering any new diet, supplementation, or other changes to your normal nutrition and exercise routine.