The past year was amazing as we watched our community focus more than ever on personal wellness, with so many tools at our disposal to lead a long and healthy life.  This starts with regular exercise for a robust immune system, stronger body and sharper brain.  More and more research shows that strength and cardiovascular training should be the pillars of your health journey.  We also loved sharing the benefits of sauna, cold, breath work and sleep to promote health and longevity.  Congratulations on your commitment to being the CEO of your body!!


In 2022, we continued our deep dive into longevity, healthspan and anti-aging education.  Our team attended several leading conferences to keep you on the forefront of human optimization.  Topics presented by brilliant clinicians, doctors and scientists included the gut microbiome, immunity, hormones, and therapies such as stem cells, peptides, exosomes and NAD.  Above all, EXERCISE is still #1!!  


As Dr. Peter Attia, a leading expert in longevity has said many times: There is no pill that comes close to the benefits of daily exercise.  In his recent interview with Layne Norton, PhD, they discussed the fact that cardiovascular disease and cancer have a 30-50% increase in all cause mortality when you do not focus on key health elements.  While these are the leading causes of death in our society today, being weak and having poor cardiovascular endurance increases all cause mortality by 250% and 400% respectively.  That is staggering, but there is a simple solution: exercise, a game changer and low hanging fruit, the biggest bang for your buck, hands down!


For the last 26 years we have shared the benefits of health and exercise, and have been relentless for the past 7 years to continue learning the latest on healthy aging and longevity. We will continue to be driven to bring you the best information.  We will also be open to changing our minds when science and data evolve.  We highly recommend the latest documentary Limitless with Chris Hemsworth on longevity, aging and even death. It’s informative, easily digestible, entertaining, and very powerful as well.  You will come away with an excellent understanding of the many modalities we have been sharing with you over the past year. 


As we jump into 2023, we are dedicated to helping you to stay on the path of health and longevity.  Here are 5 simple things, from Dr. Andrew Huberman, that we can all implement into our daily routine, which are foundational for our mental and physical health: 


  1. Get sunshine early in the morning or any form of bright light for a few minutes. At night, dim your lights and limit your screen time.
  2. Get good quality sleep 
  3. Get some regular movement/exercise everyday
  4. Eat well – no matter what diet you follow, try to make sure at least 75% of your meals are not processed.  Eat real food!
  5. Have quality social interactions. Let’s stay connected for our health and happiness!


Thank you for a beautiful 2022 and we look forward to thriving together in 2023. AXIS will continue to improve, learn and grow to create a successful home for you and your team.


Much Love,


Scott, Alli & The AXIS Team