Since its founding in 1996, AXIS has remained dedicated to being an innovator in the realm of health and fitness. Our supportive, non-intimidating environment is staffed with some of the most educated, caring, and skilled personal trainers in the industry.

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Scott Norton, Founder & CEO


Scott Norton

Please visit the AXIS History page for the original inspiration for AXIS. As we marked our 20th year anniversary in 2016, Scott shared the Untold Story of the first 20 years of AXIS:

“Thursday, October 6th, 2016 marked the 20th year anniversary of the start of AXIS. It was 1996 and I opened the doors, all alone, scared to death but as excited as I could be since this was my dream coming to fruition. I had envisioned opening a beautiful facility where trainers could learn, share, and create a career for themselves, a career which did not exist at the time. I saw a gathering spot for clients to be engaged, motivated, and taken care of as if they were at a 5 star resort.

Several years earlier I had gotten my start at a personal trainer up on Sand Hill Road, working/hustling 60 hours/week training some of the “movers and shakers” of the Silicon Valley. My first client was Joe Horowitz, who continues to train with me at AXIS today. Since he was my very first, I have a soft spot in my heart for Joe (which is why he gets to do whatever he wants at AXIS!). Joe introduced me to Louis Borders who became a client, a mentor, and a friend. We trained together for many years, even increased his vertical jump by 7 inches (which admittedly was not too difficult as he started from zero). I trained Louis’ entire staff as well and it was during this time that he saw the value in what I offered. The trust and strong relationship that we built brought us to opening AXIS on October 6th, 1996. Louis funded the start of AXIS for which I will be forever grateful.

Within a few months we had hired more trainers and we were a profitable business, focused on a scientific training methodology, teamwork, and exceptional service for our clients. Three years later, during the dot com boom, we were able to secure funding from Sequoia Capital which was to get us started on our path to opening AXIS facilities nationwide. I thought I knew it all at that time and there was nothing I couldn’t do!

The company grew quickly from there, starting with a New York City CEO from Louis Vuitton, the first of a few CEO’s that would come and go…This was the start of a crazy rollercoaster ride and to this day, I don’t know how AXIS survived it all. As Alli reminds me often, AXIS didn’t die, although it should’ve many times over, because I wouldn’t let it, because I always knew if we stayed true to our beliefs and cared about our trainers and clients, it would all workout (no pun intended) in the end! Maybe I was too young and stupid to know better.

Over the course of the next 8 years, we opened facilities in Los Gatos and Mountain View, and had our sights set on Southern California next. With the excitement of a growing company, came with it more people, more bureaucracy, more challenges, and more chaos. There was never a dull moment! We had an IT staff and a server room that probably could’ve handled the entire Silicon Valley. We promoted from within and created more layers of management. I’d venture to say, we had too many cooks in the kitchen, but it was great to see trainers have such opportunities.

Several times a new CEO was brought in, and several times I was asked to step down from the board, only to be asked back again. At one point I owned only 1% of AXIS. Losing control of the company I started was one of the hardest things to endure, yet I continued training my clients, giving them an amazing experience, and kept the trainers excited about their careers. That’s all I could do.

There were times during those years where we struggled to keep the doors open, barely making payroll at the lowest points, even not paying bills on time because we had no cash left. I can remember meeting with Alli, who was a newer trainer at the time, and she expressed her frustration with how we were not growing fast enough. She believed in what we did at AXIS, she believed in giving our clients the gift of health and longevity, and she wanted people all over to be able to benefit from it. I did everything I could at the time, to keep that passion burning in the trainers, and to shelter them from the scary truth of a business that might not make it.

The economic downturn in 2007 was a blessing in disguise. Our Los Gatos facility had closed a few years earlier, as it never really took off to begin with, and we made an extremely difficult decision to close the Mountain View location in 2008, in order to save the company. Our investors were no longer willing to take the risk on a small personal training business and I was able to buy back 100% of the company that I had started over 10 years earlier with love, passion, knowledge, and not to mention, blind optimism.

The last 8 years have been progressively our most successful years as a business to date. We are 100% committed to giving our team and our clients the best possible experience day to day and for many years to come. We know we would not be here today if it weren’t for the many trainers, leaders, investors, clients, and everyone who has touched AXIS in some way over the years. I am grateful to all of you! The successes and failures have made us stronger and we appreciate every step along the road. As scary as it was, I would not change a thing.

20 years ago I started AXIS but we, as a community, have built it to what it is today. We knew with grit, love, and constant growth and improvement, we would not only survive, but thrive. Thank you for sharing 20 years of ups, downs, happy and sad times, successes and failures. We have loved every moment of this journey which has given us the path to continue our dream.”

Phone:(650) 463-1920 Ext. 120

Allison Allen, Managing Director

Managing Director

Allison Allen

Alli, originally from Connecticut, moved to the Bay Area in May of 2000, after being offered a position as a personal trainer with AXIS. She was excited about the focus on education, palpable positive environment, and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. She was also intrigued by the possibility of being a part of a growing business. Throughout her career at AXIS she has worked as a personal trainer, a team leader, and a facility manager. As the Managing Director, she works directly with Scott Norton, Founder & Owner, to ensure that AXIS continues to evolve and improve every day. “We believe each client should have a life changing experience through their training at AXIS. We want every client who walks in the door to feel welcomed and encouraged that they can do what they set out to do and more! We are committed to always having a fun and positive community, where our trainers can continue to learn and be challenged, where they feel valued and supported, and where they can grow as individuals.”

Professional Details

  • BS, Athletic Training, Northeastern University
  • MA, Athletic Training, Western Michigan University
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA BOC)
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • ACE Pre/Post Natal Certificate
  • Certified Mat Pilates Instructor, PhysicalMind Institute
  • Pilates Reformer Certificate (Balanced Body University)
  • Power Plate Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates
  • TRX Instructor

Client Testimonials

“Allison Allen is the best trainer EVER! First of all, I am 73 years old and I HATE to exercise. Alli makes my time at AXIS fun. She is caring, sharp, funny, and great with the whip. She knows all my avoidance tricks and she doesn’t let me get away with anything. She makes me toe the line. When it is time to leave I am still happy to be finished, yet I always return.”

~Judy M.

“During my 30 years as a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard, I stayed in shape by running three to five miles a day and using the company’s fitness center. I first learned about AXIS when I retired and began looking for a new place to work out. I had some arthritis pain and the beginnings of osteoporosis. One of my friends suggested that I work with a trainer and specifically recommended Allison. Getting back into regular exercise helped me to lose twelve pounds and a dress size. I’m standing up straighter, and my balance has improved tremendously. At 84 years old I am proud to be able to do a chest press with 20 pound dumbbells, which has helped keep my arms in shape for sleeveless shirts! I’ve been absolutely delighted with Alli. She’s a very nice person, and we’ve become friends over the last 14 years that we’ve been working together.”

~Barbara P.

Phone:(650) 463-1920 Ext. 120

Alex Stowbunenko, Performance Trainer

Performance Trainer

Alex Stowbunenko

Alex’s Training Philosophy: I strive to help each client to become the most they can be, and to help improve their fitness level and quality of life for long term benefits. I am committed to helping every one of my clients become stronger and more fit, all while having a positive and fun experience in the gym. To me, it’s more than just training; it’s also about building a relationship that will last for years.


  • Training older adults in strength, fitness and quality of life
  • Fat Loss
  • General fitness improvement and gains
  • Strength training / Muscle building
  • Kettlebell training
  • Plyometric training
  • Injury rehabilitation / Strength rehabilitation 
  • Postural correction / Improvement

Professional Details

  • 20 plus years of training experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology / Exercise Science
  • NASM (Natl Academy of Sports Medicine) certification
  • AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Assn of America) certification
  • RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) trained
Andrew Losik, Performance Trainer and Golf Fitness Professional

Performance Trainer and Golf Fitness Professional

Andrew Losik

Andrew is a NASM certified personal trainer and a former PGA Golf Professional with a specialty in helping golfers improve their game through strength and flexibility training. His biggest passion however, lies in helping people reach their goals even if that is to simply move and exercise without pain. “With all clients, strengthening the body while increasing mobility is our most basic approach to training. We will establish a strong foundation of correct movement patterns, and whether your goals are fat loss, increasing muscle tone, strengthening athletic performance or improving your core strength and balance, we can help you get there.”

As a golf professional, he has worked at The Olympic Club in San Francisco and Brentwood Country Club in Los Angeles, helping golfers of all skill levels, from juniors and beginners to Division I NCAA players. He currently trains clients from all walks of life and is committed to helping them reach all of their fitness, health and wellness goals.


  • Golf specific strength and flexibility training
  • Fat loss/metabolic conditioning
  • Speed and agility training
  • Core strength and stability
  • General health and wellness

Professional Details

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • PGA Golf Professional (Titleist Performance Institute Level 2)
  • B.S. Economics – UC Davis

Client Testimonials

“With my busy schedule in management consulting, I was not getting the exercise I needed – it had gotten too easy to make excuses not to. That changed as soon as I started working out with Andrew. He reignited my passion for fitness. He listened very carefully to what my fitness goals were – and set out a plan whereby I soon realized gratifying results. His approach is very focused and disciplined – and my workouts with him never seemed a chore – the time always flew by. I left the gym always feeling energized although I already had put in a full business day. Our sessions varied so I was never bored and always felt challenged. And when my clothes started fitting a lot better – I told Andrew it would not have been possible without his expert assistance !!”

~Ed L.

Ariana Canalez, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Ariana Canalez

Ariana was born in San Jose, and grew up in Sunnyvale. She was always interested in athletics as a child, and started swimming at a young age. She swam up through college at UC Santa Cruz, and got into personal training because of her love of an active lifestyle. Ariana graduated with a bachelors’ degree in Philosophy, and is currently working on her Masters in dietetics online at Eastern Michigan University. Ariana has worked in many different types of gym environments, from a large commercial gym, to small studios. She has been training clients, in the group and individual setting, for the last 3 years. 

Training Philosophy

As a trainer, Ariana believes in helping her clients identify their goals, what it will take to achieve their goal, and whether or not they are willing to make the investment in time and behavior change to meet those goals. She believes in educating clients and cultivating their interest in all facets of movement and athleticism, regardless of what level they start at. 

Outside of training, Ariana enjoys playing swimming, lifting weights, camping, traveling, and playing with her two dogs.


  • Strength Training
  • Compound Weightlifting Movements
  • Balance training
  • Posture correction

Professional Details

  • BS, Philosophy (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Masters of Dietetics, Eastern Michigan University (In progress)
  • NASN Certified Personal Trainer
  • EXOS Fitness Specialist
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level 1 Certification
Bart Lunsford, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Bart Lunsford

Bart’s specialties include fat loss, injury prevention, body sculpting, ski conditioning, and mountain biking conditioning.

His training philosophy: “Strive for excellence in everything you do, and whatever the outcome, you will be a better person for it. The path to excellence is an ongoing journey and never a final destination!”

Professional Details

  • Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional (TPI)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Paul Chek Exercise Coach
  • RKC
  • Functional Movement Screen certificate
  • Olympic Lifting Coach
  • B.A., Exercise Science, Westport College
  • M.S., Sports Medicine, Penn State Extension (in progress)
Chris King, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Chris King

I was born and raised in San Jose. I played various sports in my youth, but not in any organized sports league. Instead, I was a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout, and eventually an Eagle Scout. Through the scouting program, I discovered my passion of helping others, hiking, and all things outdoors.

After high school, I started college looking to begin my education within the health field. Half way through my college career, I took a complete break from my education to refocus. I joined the US Marines and served for 4 years. After my time with the Marines, I found the focus I was looking for and enrolled in CSU East Bay’s Kinesiology Department to pursue my career as a coach and trainer, and to dedicate myself to helping people reach their goals.

During my off time, I like to spend time with my wife and taking our two dogs, Cindy and Logan, on long walks and to the dog park. Cindy is a tan Beagle/Chihuahua mix and Logan is a Welsh terrier.


  • Strength Training
  • Fat loss

Professional Details

  • B.S., Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness from CSU East Bay
  • CPT – ACSM
Courtnie Steeves, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Courtnie Steeves

Courtnie believes it is imperative that you do something active every day. Consistency is the key. If you put hard work and dedication into your training, you will get the results you deserve. Her specialties include sports medicine techniques, pre and post operative rehabilitation, and pre and post natal training.

Professional Details

  • Humboldt State University, MS Sports Medicine/Athletic Training (2007)
  • NATA (National Athletic Trainer’s Association) Certified Athletic Trainer (2001)
  • American Red Cross, Certified Instructor for CPR, First Aid, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer with AED (1999)
  • Certified Functional Movement Screener (2009)
  • CranioSacral Level 1
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
  • Pre/Post Natal (ACE)

Client Testimonials

“I’ve trained with Courtnie for over 6 years. She keeps me motivated, challenged, and rewarded. My wife and I started at Axis in 2006 when we decided it was time to stop talking and actually do something about getting back in shape. It was hard work, but so much fun. The transformation of my body and spirit has amazed me. In 2008 I completed my first triathlon and, thanks to Courtnie’s encouragement and training skills, I’ve completed a dozen more, including two half-ironmen, along with century bike rides and a full marathon. The conditioning and flexibility work have been keys to avoiding any serious injury, and Courtnie is super-smart about recovery from the usual pains and minor setbacks like a sore back or an over-used shoulder. All this has made my endurance events thoroughly enjoyable experiences.”

~Rick S.

Craig McDonell, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Craig McDonell

I grew up playing sports and have always had a strong passion for fitness.  I began resistance training when I was about 18.  Despite making solid progress quickly, my lack of regard for form and lack of knowledge caused several minor injuries, and I realized it was time to rethink my strategy. This experience translated into my current training style, where I focus on using strict form in many different types of functional training exercises. Using techniques like TRX, kettlebells, and body-weight exercises, I take a holistic approach to training that can benefit anyone of any experience level. I’ve worked at several large gyms as well as trained independently and have helped clients of all ages and backgrounds.  I want to get you excited about fitness and help you get beyond what you thought was possible!


  • Strength training
  • Muscle gain/fat loss
  • Core stability/strength
  • Overall functional fitness

Professional Details

  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certified
  • Functional Training Specialist Certified
Cyndi Duffy, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Cyndi Duffy

Cyndi starting working as a trainer at AXIS in 2000. Cyndi specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation, functional training, sport specific training, weight-loss training, pre/post-natal training, youth training, and special needs. She now works remotely from her home in Arizona to help place new clients with the right trainer.

Professional Details

  • BS Athletic Training, San Jose State University
  • MA Sports Medicine, San Jose State University
  • Head Athletic Trainer, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Stanford Football, Athletic Trainer
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers Association, BOC
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM)
  • ACE Pre & Post Natal Certification
  • TRX Instructor Course
  • Has attended various seminars in nutrition, weight-loss, orthopedic rehabilitation and functional training.
Doug Michael, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Doug Michael

Doug, originally from Bayard, Nebraska, has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. He became a trainer so he could help others to find the same enjoyment. Doug’s specialties include strength & conditioning, functional training, core & stability training, and tennis training. He believes exercise is only 40% of good health, the other 60% is what you do the rest of the day!

Professional Details

  • NSCA Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS)
  • B.A., Sports Medicine, Dakota Wesleyan University
  • B.A., Psychology, Dakota Wesleyan University
  • TFW 1 & 2
  • FR Lower Body
  • FR Spine
  • Certified ACE Pre/post Natal
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Onnit Steel Mace Certified

Client Testimonials

“I think Doug is excellent. He is not only very well trained, but he is also very intuitive when working with me. When I first started with him I was quite out of shape, many areas in pain and quite weak (right knee, right shoulder, hips). I feel I have made progress both in healing areas that were in pain as well as gaining strength in those areas. Basically, I feel very encouraged that I can actually get stronger and more fit and back to my previous level of fitness (something I did not believe before working with Doug.) Thanks Doug, you’re a life-saver! And fun to work with too.”

~Lynn G.

“We have been training with Doug for about four years now. We see great improvement in posture, flexibility and general well being. Even though we are… less young 🙂 we constantly make progress in physical abilities, strength and balance. Most importantly we have learned to listen to our bodies to understand how hard we can push and when to stop. And last but not least, Doug makes it pleasant to workout.”

~Catherine and Christian L.

Andrew Doan, Performance Trainer

Performance Trainer

Drew Doan

Drew grew up in San Mateo, CA and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Kinesiology. Drew has participated in all kinds of athletic activities, including rock climbing, football, and soccer. Through these experiences he has grown to appreciate the importance of health and fitness.

Drew’s training philosophy is to educate, encourage, and inspire clients to lead  healthy lifestyle. He believes fitness should be fun yet still effective to improve the overall quality of life.

Drew has worked with many different clients, including those looking to lose weight, increase strength, and be fit.  He also has helped clients who had injuries to build up their strength and continue to progress post rehabilitation.


  • Fat loss (metabolic training/circuit training)
  • Functional training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Pre/post-rehabilitation
  • General fitness

Professional Details

  • B.S. Kinesiology
  • EMS Safety Services AED/CPR/ First Aid for adults, children and infant
  • Pre/post natal certificate (ACE)
  • Level 1 & Level 2 Training for Warriors Certificate
  • USAW Level 1 & 2 Sports Performance Coach
  • Functional Movement Screen Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
  • Functional Range Conditioning Certification (FRC)

Client Testimonials

“Drew quickly assessed my strong and weak points and has guided me through a program that has greatly increased my overall strength, fitness, and flexibility. He has gently and successfully encouraged me to do new exercises that I did not think I would be able to do. He is very attentive to his clients and is a true pleasure to work with.”

~Deirdre D.

Francisco Lara, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Francisco Lara

Francisco is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology with a concentration in Sustainable Health and Wellness Strategies through San Jose State University.

As a competitive powerlifter, Francisco holds several state and national records. A mainstay in the Powerlifting USA Top 500 lifts in his weight class, Francisco is rapidly approaching Elite status with competition bests of 405 squat, 275 bench, 505 deadlift, and 1,185 total in the 145-pound weight class. He is recognized as a coach who can train, run, and jump alongside his best athletes to push them to higher levels – and keep them healthy in the process.

Francisco’s mission is to provide performance enhancement training for athletes of all levels. At Foothill College, Francisco was involved in the Sports Medicine Department with the Athletic Injury Care Division, emphasizing in injury prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation through the principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology, bio-mechanics, and psychology. Francisco was also the head undergraduate assistant with The Foothill Strength and Conditioning Department, as well as a volunteer with the San Jose State Strength and Conditioning staff.

Training over 300 athletes from over 40 different NCAA, NFL, NHL and MLB organizations, Francisco has studied under some of the top fitness professionals and coaches in the world. He has worked with a wide variety of real world people, from general population clientele to several top level athletes, World Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports. Years of extensive research, mentorship, experience, and the ability to consistently deliver results have earned Francisco a reputation as one of the top fitness experts in the area. Although prepared in a variety of bodies of knowledge, Francisco currently specializes in weight loss and general strength training as they relate to program design and corrective exercise; female fitness; and athletic performance enhancement.


  • M.S. Medical Anthropology San Jose State 2014
  • B.S. Behavioral Science, San Jose State University, May 2012
  • A.S. Sports Medicine; Wellness and Education emphasis, Foothill College, April 2010
  • Cross Fit Level 1 & 2 Trainer
  • Cross Fit Powerlifting Trainer
  • American Red Cross Certified First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer
  • Gray Cook Functional Movement Screen and Selective Functional Movement Screen Certified
  • ACE Pre/Post Natal Certified
  • Level 3 Athletes Performance Mentorship/ Internship Program
  • Level 4 Z-Health Joint Integrity and Mobility Specialist
  • Muscle Balance Postural Level 2 Certified
  • Mike Boyle Mentorship/ Internship Level 1, 2009 and 2014
  • Unpaid Internship with Boston Celtics, 2010
  • USA Weight Lifting Club Coach Level 1
  • Mentorship – Cressey Performance
  • Volunteer with San Jose State Athletics
  • Level 1 Certified- USOC Paralympics Organization
  • Certified High Performance Coach


“Francisco is not only very professional and works with me as is appropriate, but is also a good guy. This all is very important in accomplishing ones goals.”

~ Kirk R.

“I’ve trained with over 10 elite trainers over the past 16 years and have helped run a high-performance training center in Southern California since 2009. I’ve seen many different styles of training whether it be to improve strength, speed, explosiveness, mental ability, recovery, flexibility, or diet. In that time, I have never come across anyone like Francisco. He has a unique ability to combine physical, mental, and spiritual training and attacks each day with a unique focus. Fran comes to work each day prepared and positive and has consistently delivered a world-class product. While training with Fran I have become physically and mentally stronger – or ‘harder to kill’ as we joke – and simultaneously gained a lifelong friend. I could not give a higher recommendation to someone personally or professionally — he is A++ across the board. Thanks, Boom Boom.”

~ Joe Schmidt, Former Captain and Most Valuable Player, Notre Dame Football

“I  have had coaches for 20+ years, including those in premier D1 athletic programs, and I can say without a doubt that Fran has had the most profound impact on my performance. I use performance broadly as Fran’s services extend well beyond physical strength. His commitment to your well-being both inside & outside of the gym provides a mental-edge that will help you succeed in all aspects of your life. I leave every single workout centered and focused, with the invaluable peace of mind that both my body & mind are on the right track. If you are fortunate enough to join his tight network of clients… get ready to sweat profusely, think deeply and laugh constantly.”

~ James Connolly

“I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to Fran. I am excited to come to the gym each and every session because I know that he will push me to get the most out of the next 45 minutes, both physically and emotionally. Every workout with Fran is thorough and well thought out. He guides you from station to station like a machine and adds a new variation to every workout. He treats his work like a craft, studying and adding the latest fitness trends to sessions. Fran’s best characteristic is his attitude: he always has a smile on his face. He’s a genuine and funny guy that I now consider a good friend. I recommend training with Fran to everyone I know. He’s earned an A++!”

~ Jack Larson

“Life is all about gaining an edge – in the classroom and workplace, and on the court and field. That path starts with building the right framework to address problems and is supplemented by dedication and persistence. Through Fran’s instruction, I have been able to refine and sharpen my personal framework and supplemental tool set, both mentally and physically. He knows how to push all the right motivational buttons while delivering a personalized workout experience unlike any other I’ve ever found. His knowledge and professionalism are second to none –  there’s just no one I’d rather start my day with.”

~ Ben Quazzo, Former Captain, Princeton Men’s Tennis, Snacking National Champion, Accel Partners

“Training with Francisco has helped me to far surpass my goals, and literally transformed my body, mind, and – most of all – my spirit.  I’ve been training with Francisco for over six years. As an endurance triathlete in his 60’s with 3 to 5 long-distance races every year, strength training has been key to building and maintaining my conditioning and avoiding injury.  Francisco is extremely effective as a trainer.  He puts his clients first and tailors the training with a sharp eye on long-term improvement and sustainability, rather than just working you to the max every time (not that the sessions are ever easy!).  When a trainer pushes you to keep reaching deeper and provides the support and know-how that makes you feel safe and confident, it is inevitable that you will build physical strength and mental fortitude.  Francisco continuously integrates new ideas, and despite the seriousness with which he attends to you, he maintains perspective and a sense of humor.  Every session is fun and rewarding.”

~ Rick Shwartz

“Francisco was born to be a trainer!  He is passionate about his clients and he imbues every session with positive energy.  He is very knowledgeable and intuitive about physiology and exercise and he is relentlessly trying to learn and bring the state of the art to his training.  He is also super reliable and never misses a session.  I have been with Francisco for over 5 years, and I have had various personal trainers for the past 30 years, and he is the most fun and the most effective trainer I have ever worked with.  As he would say, he is “A++”.

~ Ned Gilhuly

“It is an honor for me to write a testimonial for my friend and trainer Francisco Lara, who has changed my life in a most profound manner. I am 72 years old and am NOT going to tell you that Fran transformed me from a slug to a stud, but rather he has shown and continues to show me what I need to do to be as fit as possible for as long as possible.

I have been a gym rat since my teen age years. After military service I continued to run and do calisthenics and ran 3 respectable marathons at age 59. When the knees dictated no more running I settled into a fitness rut which consisted of aerobics (bike, spin, swim) and some pull ups, stretching, etc.

I was aware of research that resistance training with weights is important as we age for bone density, balance and overall well being, but I did not have a self directed plan.

Fran has a plan! He is the consummate professional dedicated to each of his clients, tailoring their work outs to individual strengths and weaknesses. I can tell he gives each of our sessions serious thought as to where we need to work to maintain overall body fitness. E.g. I am a lifelong golfer. Fran has studied with TPI (the Titleist performance institute) to learn golf specific programs. He constantly mixes things up to address all areas of the body. Perhaps the most unique and important part of his practice is that he has a script for each workout and keeps data on my progress (or lack thereof) which he measures quarterly. A great teacher I knew used to say that we can only measure progress in retrospect, and Fran’s quarterly testing not only records that but motivates me to keep improving.

I have three grandchildren under the age of 5 and my fondest wish is that I can be a vibrant and active grandpa for many more years. Fran has made that a very real possibility.  What more can I say about this man?”

~ Allan Jamieson

“Many Trainers just copy and paste workout programs they’ve got on the internet or old textbooks. Very few actually turn training into their passion like Francisco does. Fran trains clients with such motivation and enthusiasm that every day I feel like I come out ready to attack the day. He has clearly been doing this for over fifteen years and what’s amazing is that he does it without even owning a gym himself. Every day I come in he delivers world class service and I feel like I’m his only guy. Best of all, the guy is giving with everything he has and his spiritual soul outside the gym is more impressive than what he does in the gym. He has made it his mission to improve his client’ lives and make a difference in the few that get to work with him every day.”

~ Eddie Lara, BSN RN

“The first week of testing with Francisco he put me through the most comprehensive testing I have ever gone through. He poked and prodded me like I was an Olympic athlete and man was it humbling. I’ve played sports, competed in bodybuilding competitions. Boxed and consider myself a healthy individual. Every time I went to a physical with a doctor they always said I was fine, but I always felt like I never had enough time to really get evaluated. Francisco’s week long testing leaves no stones unturned and at the end of each day he leaves you with a motivating pick me up to go on with the rest of your day. I’ll continue to work with Francisco because he’s the kind of guy you always want around, because you know he genuinely cares about your health inside and outside the gym.”

~ Adrian Arturo. Certified Trainer

Jackie Moran, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Jackie Moran

Jackie, born and raised in Redwood City, grew up playing sports through high school. That led to a love of fitness and a career as a personal trainer. Certified since 2004, Jackie’s experience includes working as a personal trainer at gyms in Menlo Park and Los Gatos, as well as internships at Foothill College. Jackie gained a lot of experience working in large fitness clubs but really enjoys the one-on-one attention she can give her clients in a more intimate setting. This allows Jackie to get to know her clients on a much deeper level, so she can support them in making more lifestyle changes as well as physical changes.

Jackie believes it is essential to incorporate exercise into our daily routine in order to lead a healthy life. Exercise raises self-esteem and the result is a better overall quality of life. She emphasizes functional training in order to compete in daily activities, as well as sport specific training for people looking to improve athletic performance. Jackie strives to teach people easy and fun approaches to fitness that helps incorporate exercise into daily life.

As a trainer, Jackie enjoys working with a wide range of people with varying experience in exercise. Jackie’s personal experiences include weight training, marathon running, and cross training.

When not training clients you can usually find Jackie doing something active. She especially enjoys running and hiking.


  • General Health and Fitness
  • Flexibility Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Toning
  • Core Strength
  • Pre and Post Natal Training
  • Healthy Behavior Change
  • Cardiovascular Training

Professional Details

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Foothill College Personal Training/Internship program
  • BS in Health Sciences  
  • ACE Pre/Post Natal Certificate
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Practitioner
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Youth Fitness Specialist (ACE)
  • Behavior Change Specialist (ACE)
James Ladden, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

James Ladden

James Ladden grew up in San Jose and started his career as a personal trainer after graduating from high school. He first began training clients while he was enrolled in the Kinesiology Program at San Jose State University.

“I was drawn to personal training because I like being able to make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to help someone get back to enjoying activities that they’ve missed due to an injury or surgery.”

James joined AXIS in August 2004 and soon established himself among colleagues and clients as a courteous and hard-working team player.

Outside of work, James plays softball at Twin Creeks and surfs in Santa Cruz. His black lab Shou-hey, which translated from Chinese means ‘little black,’ is usually not far behind!

Professional Details

  • BS, Kinesiology, San Jose State University with an emphasis in Movement Science
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Pre and Post Natal certificate
  • Functional Movement Screen certified
  • Training for Warriors Level 1
  • Leadership Training Muster 003 & 006

Client Testimonials

“James is the best! In addition to being a super nice guy, he is very encouraging and has helped me tremendously. I can now do lots of things I couldn’t when I started. He makes exercise fun, and I’ve never felt that way before.”

~Leah R.

“James is one of the best trainers at AXIS. Patient, polite, personable, persistent, perspiration-inducing!”

~Claude A.

Jeffrey Kazmucha, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Jeffrey Kazmucha

Jeffrey “Kaz” Kazmucha, MS, CES, CSCS, an Indiana Midwestern native, has been working at AXIS for more than 15 years and is dedicated to helping clients attain the best education and experiences possible that will affect and change their lives, one beating heart and flexing muscle at a time. 

In his words, “Our bodies and lives are so different then a decade ago, even a YEAR ago, as we are constantly a target of false exercise promises, like the 4 minute Workout, attacked with fitness apps or wearables that claim to be the answer to fitness woes and surrounded by survivorship biases, especially on Instagram and social media platforms. So we need to be aware of what’s right vs wrong and what best eating plan and exercise and wellness program are best for each one of us.”

… So I want to be the best personal trainer and help each client achieve or reach their aspirations, dreams, goals, etc. My plan is to be an example and influence others (100% of the time) – to have or learn to make all the best healthy lifestyle choices and habits, laugh and smile a lot and move a lot more often. Be Awesome! and live each day health-fully.”

Kaz’s areas of specialty are sport-specific strength and conditioning for tennis, exercise training for at-risk or chronic disease populations- such as diabetes, obesity, pediatrics and small groups.  He also specializes in clinical exercise programming and rehab. 

Kaz is a grateful husband and proud father of FIVE (Ryan, Ethan, Dylan, Grace and Dax) and loves to fit in exercise and mindfulness into his busy life. And he really, really loves the StairMaster!!!

Professional Details

  • Master of Science, Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
  • ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • ASEP Board-certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Founder, Vizbo
  • Adviser, FloWater
  • Lead at Fitness Innovation Lab: LPCH at Stanford
  • Lead Corporate Personal Trainer: SmugMug
  • Adviser Holodia
  • Adviser Carbon Trainer

Client Testimonials

“I have been involved with training at Axis for over 15 years. And I have been working with Jeff for many of those years. I believe an experienced trainer is essential and provides guidance and inspiration for working out. There is motivation and also the personal guidance to do the job right! Jeff, or as we like to call him, Kaz, exemplifies what a trainer should be: he evaluates who you are and what your goals realistically should be; and he gets you to work – carefully and skillfully guiding you along the way to attain results with a smile. It is a delight to have Kaz as my trainer.”

~ D. Van Atta

“I was indirectly referred to Axis and Jeff. I will say it has been a great experience. Axis promotes the development of relationships with trainers that contributes greatly to loyalty and satisfaction. Jeff, he is an educated, thoughtful, expert on biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology. The result is a workout that is constantly changing and challenging, reflecting the moving capabilities of, in my case, an older person.—progress is not linear, but lurches between infirmity. Over 20 years I have met and worked with trainers, all of them good. But, Jeff takes it to a higher level of competence.”

~ P. Hammell

“Eight years ago on Feb 17th I met with Jeff and performed my first personal training session — my life was changed forever! Afterwards, I walked out the door hurting in muscles I didn’t know existed, and thought “Wow, that was worth every penny.” Together, we developed an exercise plan that helped revise my insulin resistance and prevent type II diabetes. And I’ve been training consistently ever since. In fact, my primary doc recently said my HDL is a whopping 72 and there are no signs of type II diabetes. He is thrilled for my prospects of a long, healthy life. I will always be grateful to Jeff .”

~ T. Williams

Jeremy Fernandez, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Jeremy Fernandez

Jeremy has been working at Axis since 2005. His client ages range from 16-87 years old. He specializes in a variety of fitness goals ranging from weight loss to injury rehabilitation and prevention. He believes that nutrition, stress reduction, and recovery are just as important as cardiovascular and muscular training.

Training Philosophy

No matter what your fitness goals are (weight loss, weight gain, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, health improvement, strength and conditioning, or sports specific) we always start with an assessment to check for any muscular strength imbalances, flexibility imbalances, injuries, postural deviations, or asymmetries in the walking gait, before starting an exercise program. We will also briefly discuss how eating habits affect 60%-65% of your fitness goal. Speaking of goals, your exercise program should be goal oriented, especially for new exercisers. Fitness goals must be realistic and measurable in a way that you see your progress. Fitness programs are tailored to your fitness goals because everyone is different.


  • Golf Specific Training to effectively develop power, strength, flexibility, and mobility in the golf swing, and to reduce and or correct swing faults and injuries.
  • Myofascial Release-a specialized stretching technique to treat patients with a variety of soft tissue problems. Put simply, it is stretching of the fascia.
  • Stick Mobility Exercises
  • Functional Range Conditioning Exercises
  • Titleist Performance (TPI) assessments
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Weight Gain/Weight Loss
  • Core & Stability Training
  • Total Body Conditioning
  • Circuit Training
  • General Health and Wellness

Professional Details

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 3 Golf Fitness Professional
  • B.S. Kinesiology, Athletic Training, San Jose State University (2000)
  • A.A. Physical Education, College of the Sequoias (1997)
  • Certified Athletic Trainer, National Athletic Trainers Association (2000)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) (2000)
  • Health Fitness Instructor, American College of Sports Medicine (2001)
  • TRX Sports Medicine Level 1- Care and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
  • USAW Level 1
  • Ace Pre/Post Natal Certificate

Client Testimonials

“This coming September, Jeremy Fernandez and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary together as trainer and client! These years with Jeremy have changed my life-a thirty pound weight reduction; ‘wanting’ to exercise not ‘having’ to exercise; and constant compliments about how much younger I look. I owe this all to Jeremy who has made exercising a crucial dimension in my life.”

~Elizabeth B.

“He makes me laugh – and gets me fit – never gets me ‘off balance’.”

~Colleen B.

“Jeremy is a great trainer because he makes you work hard but never over your limit. This is especially helpful for people with injuries or restrictions. Jeremy works with you to get you healthier and stronger and you will see those improvements in no time!”

~Tina S.

Josh Bartlett, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Joshua Bartlett

Joshua’s early “education” in athletics was with Just Hoops Prep where he played basketball for a year until an injury stopped any future endeavors in that arena. He also competed in amateur Boxing and Muay Thai bouts.

Josh’s formal education started in the Fitness and Sports Science program at Pima Community College through which he earned an internship with Zaqiza Exercise Science Systems (ZESS).

He has experience in training D1, JUCO, and high school athletes and has taken what he learned from training as an athlete to bring it to the people who really want to better themselves and achieve a personal goal. “I am very proud to see athletes of all levels improve as they grow stronger, faster, and most of all stay on the court/field longer, and continue to function well in their daily lives.”

“My main priority is to teach people about their own body and how to use it correctly when it comes to any movement they perform. I am always looking to keep learning and expanding my knowledge everyday so I can help my clients reach their goals and beyond!”


  • Weight Loss
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Training
  • Boxing
  • Functional Range & Movement

Professional Details

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACTION)
Karina Hoog, Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist

Karina Hoog

After graduating from Theories and Practice of Trad.AsianTherapies, TriggerPointWork and the positive experience on my own pains instilled in me curiosity and passion Soft Tissue has on our general well-being and movement. I learned that this world  – even bothering us more often as we want –  also gives into our own hands an ever-adaptable fabric: We can form to prevent and prevent to form.  My goal is to help you to keep this balance.  


My work is a blend of musculoskeletal techniques, therapeutically relaxing but mindful and inspiring by focusing on proper posture and self-release techniques. Focus on general Myofascia release and mandatory release of the postural chain. My many techniques ranges from circulation issues to impact deeper layers and adjust with ease from your personal acceptance to the needs of your engineering. I offer Stress-Release, Esalen influenced Massage, and Lymph-Drainage. TCM practice in all it’s different forms focuses mostly on mobilization and circulation. Best results yield by intuitively combining to a bigger picture.  My Bodywork Philosophy is a circle, created by: Chinese/Asian Medical Massage; Thomas Hendrickson Wave Mobilization; Tai Qi/Martial Art; Body-Alignment; Neuromuscular- and Fibrosis release. I highly cherish the advantage of a close Client/Trainer/Therapist relation here at AXIS – addressing issues inside out – on the spot. 

If I am not intuitively ripping off skin, I love most being out horseback-riding. I train horses via Liberty and do Equine TriggerPointWork. Nature for me is everything, it equals outside and inside of us; yields a philosophy; clears the mind of clutter; is art and music; it is the matrix of Life. It helps to recognize to live what we are; because nature needs all the different shades: Water Tree Air Fire Metal.  Life comes in circles; to recognize them is my aim in Life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have via email. I am happy to discuss a problem or my work with you!

Professional Details

  • CMT # 55721
  • 750+ hours Asian Therapies
  • Acupressure Institute, Berkley, 2001
  • Focus: TuiNa ChineseMedicalMassage, Zen-Shiatsu, Sports-PNF, TriggerPoint

Additional Educational Programs

  • Neuromuscular (Sean Riehl); Myoskeletal Release (Eric Dalton) Body Alignment (Body Therapy Center); Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Muscle/Movement (McKinnon)
  • Member: AOBTA (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia)

Phone:(408) 646-6361

Katie Lara, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Katie Lara

Katie has been working at AXIS for over 8 years. She works with a wide range of populations… from pregnant women to seniors; from ultra-marathon endurance athletes to busy working couples; from spinal/hip/knee/shoulder rehabbers to the technicians who read their MRI’s in the hospital.

Katie’s background in the fitness industry comes from years as an athlete and more years as a scientist. She was a high school and college Rower and Cross Country athlete. A degree in Exercise Science led Katie to pursue Physical Therapy, and she worked in the Sports Medicine Center at Stanford University. The component of PT which she enjoyed most was the one-on-one connection with patients and the training of exercises to help them move and feel better. So, with her perfectionist’s eye from PT and athletic competitive drive, Katie realized she would fit best in Personal Training. She specializes in core strength and fat loss. Katie’s done (and continues to do) extensive research on sports nutrition and biochemical response to feeding/exercise. Katie loves working with passionate clients who come here to work hard and discover the changes they can create in their lives through exercise.

Professional Details

  • MS Exercise Physiology
  • BS Kinesiology, Concentration in Exercise Science
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Pre/Post-Natal Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Practitioner (Pn1)
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)
  • Certified ViPR Trainer
  • MAT Jumpstart Certified Instructor
  • Reformer Pilates Specialist
  • Certificate of completion in Myofascial Release techniques
  • CPR/AED Certified

Client Testimonials

“I started working out with Katie about 2 and half years ago. Since I started with Katie my weight dropped from about 155lbs to 119lbs. My body fat dropped from around 30% to 13%. My half marathon time went from 2 hrs 36 minutes (on 1/17/2010) to 1 hr and 51 minutes (on 3/3/2012). I’m stronger and faster than I ever thought I could be. I have never done the same workout twice and I average about 3 sessions per week. Katie pushes me to my limits and often even beyond them. I’m in the best shape of my life. The sessions are worth every penny.”

~Chivonne H.

“This is my first gym experience and I am so lucky to have Katie as my personal trainer. I really appreciate her patience and friendly smile.”

~Shirley W.

Mathew Kumar, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Mathew Kumar

Mathew’s fitness journey began 11 years ago during his first year in high school. Weighing only 84 pounds at the time, his personal trainers helped him not only increase his weight to 160 pounds but also shape his confidence and self esteem.

Soon after high school, Mathew began taking his own clients through personalized workouts. This ignited his passion to pursue an education in healthcare and continue helping individuals reach a better physical, mental, and emotional state. Mathew understands the fears associated with exercising and the challenges one has to overcome physically and emotionally in order to grow consistently since he was once someone’s client too.

He has recently graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. Mathew is currently continuing his studies in hopes to apply to medical school and pursue a career as a surgeon. During his downtime, Matthew likes to off-road, hike, camp,  sing, dance, cut hair, and draw.


  • General Fitness
  • Strength Training

Professional Details

  • BS in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Michael Erkiletian, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Michael Erkiletian

Training Philosophy

The most important thing for me is educating my clients. I want them to be able to learn the concepts for themselves so that they can apply them when they are out of the gym. This way they can recognize the faulty movement patterns and correct them on their own.

Professional Details

  • BS, Kinesiology, San Jose State University (2000)

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Michael for ten years, and have gained in strength, flexibility, and kept my weight down under his supervision. I have had excellent attention to my aches and pains, and he has successfully and carefully monitored the exercise plan for me to avoid injury. He is also hilariously funny, enjoys life, and makes 6 am a fun time of day.”

~ Nancy M.

Nelson Manglinong, Performance Trainer

Performance Trainer

Nelson Manglinong

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I have always been interested in sports.  I loved playing and watching sports, but it wasn’t just the game that appealed to me; it was the science behind how our bodies evolve and even recover to achieve such great things.  

In 2012, I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from the University of San Francisco. Prior to joining AXIS, I was a Rehabilitation Aide at VibrantCare Rehabilitation in San Carlos where I helped provide physical therapy to patients with various injuries. I also worked at the San Functional Restoration Program in San Francisco as a Trainer/Coordinator helping patients ease their work-related injuries physically, emotionally, and mentally. I was also a Personal Trainer at Bally Total Fitness in South San Francisco where I coached clients with customized fitness programs specific to their goals and needs.  

I am a firm believer that we are all capable of accomplishing anything we set for ourselves. Whether your objective is fitness, rehabilitation or perhaps both, I will listen to your needs and provide you the right tools that will lead you on your path to success. I will be your biggest supporter and motivator. Together, we can make this experience worth while and fun! 

Professional Details

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology (USF 2012)
  • CPT (NCSF)
  • FMS Level 1 (Functional Movement Screen)


  • Functional Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain/Overall Strength Building
  • Post-Rehabilitation
Rebecca Ybarra, Personal Trainer

Performance Trainer

Rebecca Ybarra

I have been a dancer all throughout my life and have taught all ages, which allowed me to focus mainly on balance and flexibility. I also have a background in gymnastics and  from that have gained knowledge of combining strength and endurance together. I have taught Zumba and currently teach tumbling and dance to young children. 

Though I love to keep up my dance, I moved more into the fitness area going into kickboxing training and then to personal training. Taking a leap from graceful dancer to explosive kick boxer allowed me to be versatile and feel confident, which is what I want my clients to be able to feel themselves. I make it a priority to learn and grow as much as I can in all areas of training so that I am able to help anyone and everyone get to where they want to be. As for my academics, I have studied behavioral health, mental health, and physical health. My switch to being a vegetarian has really given me nutritional insight and has sparked a passion in that area, as well as personal training of course. I always do my best to achieve goals, never settle, and most of all, create quality experiences with everyone.

Outside of Axis, I love hiking, family time, reading, writing, photography, traveling, and anything involving adrenaline and adventure!

Professional Details

  • AA in Behavioral Sciences
  • Masters in Nutrition (in progress)
  • Certificate in Speech and Communications
  • Certificate in CD Mental Health
  • CPR Certified
  • Certified Health Coach (ACE)
Salvador Gomez, Personal Trainer

Performance Trainer

Salvador Gomez

Sal grew up playing soccer and still enjoys playing when he has the chance. He began his training career in a commercial gym setting, over 4 years ago, where he had the opportunity to help many clients of a wide range of ages and physical fitness levels.

“That is where I found my passion for helping others through movement. My training career has allowed me to build great relationships and find great pleasure in helping clients in their fitness endeavors. I’ve made it my mission for clients to find joy in their training as well as in their everyday lives, and to help as many people as I can.”


  • Fat Loss (Metabolic training/interval training)
  • General Fitness
  • Strength Training

Professional Details

  • BS in Kinesiology (in progress)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA)
  • CPR/AED Certification
Sarah Miller, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Sarah Miller

Before joining AXIS in 2009, Sarah worked with Sacred Heart high school as a strength and conditioning coach for various sports teams, while doing personal training at Decathlon Club in Santa Clara. She attended NDNU on a basketball scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in kinesiology in 2007. After graduating, Sarah spent eight years working as an aide in a physical therapy office. There she learned the importance of biomechanics and that regression is crucial to long term progression. Sarah works with people of all ages and all levels using the movement systems of the body to give hard, effective workouts. “I think that posture is key to move efficiently and to maintain a balanced and structured body. I work hard to be a mentor for my clients because I firmly believe that goals are better achieved when we work together. I am here to motivate and educate my clients through tough efficient workouts that get results!”

Sarah’s Training Philosophy: Training should be a fun and challenging experience each time you step in the gym. My goal is to help you reach your goal by giving you the fight you need to make anything happen! High energy in the gym will transfer to high energy in life! I became a trainer because I want to help people feel better, physically and mentally. Success is contagious, and if my clients succeed then so do I!

Outside of AXIS, Sarah enjoys hanging out with friends and staying active. She loves snowboarding in the winter and traveling the California coast in the summer.

Professional Details

  • B.S. Kinesiology NDNU
  • Pn1
  • ACE pre/post natal
  • USAW Level 1
  • CPR/AED/First Aid
  • SFMA

Client Testimonials

“When I first began going to AXIS it was my intent to only go for about 3 months. I was just going to get a kick-start on an exercise program. It is 2 years later and I am still working out with my trainer, Sarah Miller. Sarah’s knowledge of physiology and exercise and her ability to make me feel comfortable in a gym setting are invaluable. She motivates me each and every workout to do my personal best and has even inspired me to exercise on my own outside of my time at AXIS. This is the first time in my life that I have exercised on a regular basis for this length of time and it is all because of Sarah.”

~ Sheila W.

Sarah has been my personal trainer for two and a half years now.  When I started working with her I had multiple physical ailments, was overweight, and was generally out of shape.   She developed a very specific physical training program that has been the single most important aspect of my  journey to health and fitness.  Her knowledge and skills as a Personal Trainer are only exceeded by her many personal attributes. Fun, Positive, Encouraging, Intelligent – All around a pleasure to work with.  I always look forward to my workout sessions with Sarah.

~ Daniel R.

Sergio Maldonado, Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Sergio Maldonado

I’m open for business for virtual training and wanted to use it as a platform to explain a little more of what I can do. I look forward to meeting you! Muchas gracias (that means thank you in Spanish)

I have been training clients since 2007 and working at AXIS since June of  2008, specializing mainly in fat-loss, youth training and performance training (training for sports or events). I believe fitness is different for everyone but must encompass a proper mindset, nutrition and lifestyle for the individual’s goals as well as needs. This all leads to having a more fulfilling life.

I am proud to still be with the very first client I began training 10 years ago. It’s a great feeling to have the same excitement for training that I did when I first started and love that I have so much more to learn. I feel fitness is a lifelong process that changes as we grow and develop. I am constantly working to better myself, and my training, so I can better serve my clients.

Five Non-fitness Related Facts About Sergio

  • Loves the 49ers
  • Puts hot sauce on everything
  • Hates puzzles, less now than he used to
  • Consumes hours of podcasts and audio books each week and reads real books too!
  • Has claimed partial custody of his wife’s Chihuahua/Dachshund mix named Spice

Professional Details

  • National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM): Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2
  • Nutrition Coach Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC)
  • Strong First Kettlbell Girya (SFG), Strong First Bodyweight (SFB)
  • EXOS Rehabiliation Specialist
  • International Youth Conditioning Association Certified (IYCA )
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist
  • Athletes Performance Level 1 Certified
  • Grey Cook Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS)
  • American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)  Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
  • CrossFit Level 1 Coach
  • American College Exercise(ACE) Pre/Post Natal Certified
  • San Jose State University, San Jose, CA B.S. degree in Business Administration: Management, concentration in Entrepreneurship, Minor: Kinesiology

Client Testimonials

“I have been working with Sergio for over 2 years. Even though I have always exercised regularly, I felt that something was missing from my workouts. My training with Sergio has focused on strength, conditioning and core work which has been a perfect complement to my usual cardio activities. I really notice a difference in my balance, coordination and energy level. Sergio listens to my feedback about what seems to work and what doesn’t, but also finds ways to challenge me and encourage me to try things I would not have considered without his guidance. I have been impressed with his knowledge and motivation to continuously improve his training techniques. Even though working out can feel like an arduous task, Sergio’s great personal style makes training enjoyable.”

~ Carma H.

“Since I’ve began training with Sergio, I’ve lost 20lbs and two pant sizes. He is a great trainer who is able to motivate and encourage me to push myself a bit more each time. He makes my sessions fun as well as educational. My overall stamina and endurance have greatly increased and I now know how to eat properly and exercise using proper form. I appreciate the fact that Sergio continues to further his fitness education by learning and taking classes to stay current on the latest research based techniques. Because of my sessions with Sergio, I am even more confident now when I exercise by myself outside of Axis and try different sports.”

~ Joe C, Training Since December 2010

“I have been working out with Sergio as my personal trainer for the past two months, and in that time I have lost 7 lbs, increased my energy level and improved my overall health. Sergio has a really well rounded approach to training that is not strictly limited to challenging me with workouts, but also includes advice on diet (what to eat and how much), supplements and lifestyle habits that have been really helpful too. He knows how to push you during workouts, but he also keeps it fun, informative and interesting so you don’t burn out. Before I started training with Sergio, I found it hard to fit exercising in to my life. So Sergio suggested scheduling 2-3 regular sessions with him per week (which gave me the discipline I needed to make working out a habit) and also recommended a lot of other “quick home workouts” that I could do during my off days. Two months later, the results are great and working out is a daily priority that I look forward to. Because of Sergio’s continued training, I know my results will just get better and better.”

~ Julian H.

“A less-than-desirable bone density test first led me to seek out Sergio. In addition to wanting to improve my test results, I also wanted to work on core strength and flexibility. After working out twice a week for eight months, what I have noticed is not only increased flexibility and strength, but a much more toned body and greater muscle definition. I wasn’t expecting that. It’s an added bonus. I look forward to my workouts with Sergio. Even the occasional day when I think I don’t want to work out, I end up feeling enthusiastic and energetic as soon as I start my session. I can’t wait to take that next bone density test!”

~ Stephanie N.

Sergio Rodriguez, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Sergio Rodriguez

Sergio was born in Cali, Colombia, but raised here in the Bay Area. A three sport athlete in high school including basketball, track & field, and cross country, he was unfortunately diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and a heart condition which lead to doctors restricting him from all forms of physical activity. In addition, doctors said it was a miracle that he was still alive due to the severity of his heart condition. They credited his life to having been so active growing up. After a few months of treatment and ups & downs, he was fully cleared to exercise and play sports. 

This is where his love for exercise and fitness blossomed. “Fitness had literally saved my life without me even knowing. I now strive to inspire people to live purposeful, healthy, and active lifestyles. I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Exercise and Fitness. I have been a personal trainer, head basketball coach, and an assistant conditioning coach. I have competed in numerous competitions including a triathlon, spartan races, Ragnar Relays, and a half marathon. In my down time, I love to hike, draw, paint, sing, and of course, workout!”


  • General Fitness
  • Basketball Training
  • Fat Loss (Metabolic Training/Interval Training)
  • Core and Balance Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility Techniques via Stretching/Massage
  • Circuit Training
  • Sports Training
  • General Fitness

Professional Details

  • BS in Kinesiology with emphasis in Exercise & Fitness
  • CPR/AED Certified
Steven Canalez, Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Steven Canalez

Steven was born in San Mateo and grew up in Sunnyvale. He has been a multi-sport athlete for most of his life. Steven began playing baseball from age 5 until age 12 and branched out from there. Eventually, he took up competitive swimming in elementary school, tennis in middle school, as well as water polo and golf in high school.

Steven became a personal trainer to pursue a fulfilling career path. He sought a career based around building strong connections with people and fostering their physical and mental growth. Steven began training at 24 Hour Fitness in Sunnyvale before joining the team at AXIS. He is also currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.

Training Philosophy

As a trainer, Steven believes in challenging oneself by exploring different dimensions of fitness. He also believes that the human body should be treated as a tool for athletic movement, regardless of whether or not you are training for a sport. Steven believes in fitness as a lifestyle rather than a hobby, and hopes to inspire similar feelings in those he works with.

Outside of training, Steven enjoys playing golf, powerlifting, mixing music and playing with his dogs.


  • Fat Loss (Metabolic training/interval training)
  • Core and Balance Training
  • General Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Powerlifting

Professional Details

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Tabitha Smith, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Tabitha Smith

Tabitha holds a degree in Kinesiology and has competed in multiple fitness activities, including her most recent endeavor of body building through National Physique Committee (NPC). She has been training clients in the Bay Area for the past 4 years at multiple locations. Tabitha understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to exercise so she incorporates many different styles to provide a unique and specialized program designed to help individuals reach their personal fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone, build muscle, gain strength or increase flexibility, Tabitha will create a personalized and dynamic training routine that is paced and dialed in just for you!

Tien Tran, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Tien Tran

Tien believes that regardless of age, gender, or limitation, success is always attainable with a positive attitude! With our ever changing life it is important to have a program design that reflects the individual’s need. Balance of the body and mind is the key to life. It is important to work with our body instead of against it!

“I became a trainer because I love working one on one with people and making a difference in their lives. I love what I do and am very passionate about it! It’s extremely rewarding to see clients’ reach their goals. I especially love seeing clients’ pain free.”

Professional Details

  • Hayward State University, BS, Recreations, 1997
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certification, 2003
  • USA Weightlifting Club Coach (USAW) Certification, 2005
  • ACE Pre/Post Natal Certification, 2005

Client Testimonials

“Though I’d been working out for 20 years, I needed help reducing back pain and improving my balance. Since starting at AXIS in 1999, I lost 30 pounds and also bounced back from several surgeries with the help of my trainer, Tien Tran.”

~ Joyce

Tracie VanHook, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Tracie VanHook

Tracieʼs philosophy is “Fitness for life”. With over 25 years of health and fitness experience she finds that progressive, positive changes can be made in every stage of life. Tracie’s clientsʼ ages range from 15 – 80+ and she specializes in fitness goals ranging from general fitness and weight-loss to more age and sports specific goals. For instance, Tracie specializes in corrective balance & stability programs for functional aging at all ages as well as fall prevention programming for older adults. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast looking to run your first marathon or you have never set foot in a gym before, Tracie is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. Her aim is to create a safe, effective, fun, fitness program while empowering you with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire you on your journey to a healthier life.

A Little Bit More About Tracie

Tracie loves a variety of dance styles. She studied and taught African, modern and jazz dance to grade-school students in East Oakland before coming to Menlo Park. Tracie owned and instructed a dance based fitness franchise in the East Bay for 13 years. She enjoys all forms of fitness and participated in the 2017 Masters CrossFit open games. She is the proud mother of two amazing young adult sons who are the source of her motivation, and who also helped her celebrate life at age 50+ with a Mother’s Day skydive from 13,000 ft. Tracie is a forever Golden State Warrior fan, a die hard Oakland Raiders fan (wherever they go!), loves live jazz music and is a hopeless dark chocoholic.

Professional Details

  • MS Exercise Science: Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention, California University of Pennsylvania, 2005
  • BS Kinesiology, San Francisco State University (Concentration Physical Therapy), 2002
  • FAS (Functional Aging Specialist) FAI
  • FallProof: Balance and Mobility Specialist, CSUF
  • PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), NASM
  • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), NASM
  • HFI (Health and Fitness Instructor), ACSM
  • IFS (Integrated Flexibility Specialist), NASM
  • Myofascial Release: Tissue Mobilization Instructor
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Mat Pilates (Certified Instructor), PHI Pilates

Client Testimonials

“When I first started working out with Tracie, my basic goals were to tone up and increase my cardiovascular levels. However, over time we have refined my work out to be more inline with my personal physical needs, especially now that I’m in my 50’s and am still living quite an active lifestyle! I love traveling and want to continue this for many more years without assistance, and with Tracie’s experience as a Functional Aging Specialist along with her injury prevention programming, I find I am able to accomplish this. Three years prior I had a rotator cuff injury which caused me great discomfort when lifting my carry-on luggage into the overhead compartment on airplanes. With Tracie’s help the problem has been alleviated, my mobility has improved and my strength has increased. I also had pretty bad knee issues causing me discomfort, primarily because of improper technique. Tracie taught me to focus on using the correct muscles, improving my form which eventually illuminated my knee problems. Skiing is another passion of mine and is something I’d like to continue doing for a long time. Tracie incorporates skiing specific exercises (core strengthening, balance, agility, stability, etc.) along with the training I need to keep me on top of my game as I grow older. Tracie is great, not only do I highly recommend her as a personal trainer, when it comes to the specific needs of older adults’ health and fitness she is the best.”

~ Chris S

“Tracie helped me get back in shape after the birth of my children. I lost 20 pounds and gained strength and endurance above my pre-kid levels! Not only is Tracie incredibly motivating and knowledgeable but she is also a lot of fun to work-out with. I look forward to seeing her every week.“

~ Suzanne F.

“I have been working with Tracie for a little over two years. I had been wanting to start a fitness program, and when I saw that Tracie had the experience, the education, and was able to train me in my home as well as at AXIS, I thought this would be the perfect fit. Tracie has been able to challenge my fitness level concentrating on my challenged areas while maintaining a high level of injury prevention. Through working with her I have improved my strength, balance & stability, core strength and flexibility through a variety of fitness formats that include strength & power, TRX, Kettle-bell and HIIT, just to name a few. Tracie is a pleasure to work with, she knows how hard to push, how to maintain variety and interest, and how to adjust exercises to fit personal capabilities. I highly recommend Tracie as a personal trainer.”

~ Jan S.

“I started working with Tracie eight years ago because I felt I needed a personal trainer to encourage and motivate me. Tracie is an excellent trainer, very devoted, talented and a wonderful person to boot. I highly recommend her!”

~ Roberta R.

“I have worked with Tracie for over two years and she is great. She can come to your house or train out of AXIS gym in Menlo Park. Tracie has been a personal trainer/fitness professional for over 20 years and specializes in core stability, functional aging fitness, flexibility, general fitness, weight loss, endurance and strength training. Tracie is sweet but very demanding, I have gotten great fitness gaines as a result!”

~ Art S.

“Tracie is knowledgeable, creative, cheerful and fun. She listens well to understand and encourage your goals, and helps you achieve them.”

~ Anne

Ty Texidor, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Ty Texidor

Ty prides herself on educational, safe, and incredibly intense routines. She pushes people to their physical limit yet guarantees to get them to smile throughout.

Graduating with honors from Barry University with a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, Ty has taught collegiate level courses in this field and loves passing this knowledge on to her clientele. It is her goal that her clients not only get the results that they want but understand how and why they came to that success.

Ty’s extreme focus on form and body alignment ensures that your body works in the most efficient manner for the exercise therefore making it more beneficial and virtually injury-proof.

Ty has been training competitively in sports since the age of 8 and has competed at the collegiate level in volleyball. Throughout this time she has learned, performed, and incorporated many variations of exercise into her routines to make them fun and entertaining. You will NEVER get bored!

Professional Details

  • BS Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
  • NATABOC 2001
  • CrossFit Level 1 2010
  • USAW 2010
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting 2010
  • CrossFit Power Lifting 2012
  • CrossFit Football 2012

Client Testimonials

“I have trained with Ty for over 5 years; she is passionate, dedicated, and patient. What she does better than the rest is push you to your limits every time you train so you always perform to your maximum ability. The other important thing is she keeps a sharp attention on your form so every set is efficient and safe. She is a great personal trainer.”

~ Jon G.

“I’ve been working out with Ty since 2009. I’ve learned so much from her about mobility, stability, speed, power and efficiency; all very key components to being a better competitor and to living pain free. In addition to her expertise, she’s incredibly passionate about her work and helping people reach their goals.”

~ Molly F.

“I’ve worked with a number of trainers. When I work out, I want to work hard…I don’t want to be coddled. I told this to Ty and she kicked my ass….and I love her for it. She’s worked with me through torn rotator cuff surgery recovery and a back problem. She has an excellent understanding of physiology and body mechanics and understands how to give you a good workout without irritating existing injuries/problems.

I’ve also worked out with her when I’ve been healthy. (really)

Ty is great about assessing your weaknesses and working to improve them. She pushes you at just the right pace. You will see your body firm up and your balance improve.”

~ Lauri H.

Vince Bulnes, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Vince Bulnes

Vince has been personal training for 20 years. His client range is 18-70. He specializes in strength training, weight loss, injury prevention and pain management. He believes it takes a well rounded approach to achieve your fitness goals such as decreased in everyday stressors, great nutritional habits, sleep as well as the 3 components of fitness ; resistance, cardiovascular, and flexibility training.

His training philosophy: First of all we have to fun during our training sessions. Always making sure my clients are having a great experience while at AXIS! Secondly, we will start to fine tune your fitness goals, whether it’s losing some fat weight, training for a sport, managing some chronic pain, or simply wanting to live a healthier more fit lifestyle. We will manage your goals through the correct program design for YOU! We will always be changing up your routine and focus on all the different modalities AXIS has to offer and to keep your muscles guessing!


  • Strength conditioning
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • TRX training
  • Functional movements for everyday life or sport
  • Myofascial release techniques
  • Flexibility techniques via stretches/massage
  • Speed and agility training
  • Circuit training
  • Keeping muscle burning fat
  • General wellness and fitness

Professional Details

  • B.S. Kinesiology San Jose State 2004
  • National Academy Sport Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM – CPT) 2000
  • American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals Medical Exercise Specialist (MES) 2005

Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend Vince if you want a trainer who will design challenging and fun workouts to help you achieve your goals! He keeps me honest on my form and can adjust my workout on the fly. He’s incredibly friendly and approachable. Couldn’t ask for more!”

~ Sarah K.

“Vince is great! He’s super knowledgeable and keeps workouts fun! I always feel challenged, but never burnt out after our workout. He tracks progress and changes things up so I don’t get bored. My strength and endurance have improved since working with him. He is friendly and flexible as well.” 

~ Jordan F.

“Vince is a great trainer. He’s very knowledgeable with his anatomy and physiology. He designed a great program for me and modifies it frequently as I progress towards my goals. He even modifies my workouts if I tweaked a muscle part during my outdoor activities. He makes the workouts enjoyable and I love the results.”

~ Phil D.

Wei Martin, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Wei Martin

Wei has always enjoyed being active. Whether running, biking, swimming, playing tennis, weight lifting or practicing yoga, fitness has always been a cornerstone of her life. Throughout the years, she has had the pleasure of participating in countless races, running 10Ks to marathons, biking centuries and doing Sprint to Half Ironman distance triathlons.

In 2006, after a long, rewarding career as a software engineer, Wei switched gears to pursue her passion in health and fitness by completing both the ACE (American Council on Exercise) and NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) personal trainer certifications. Wei’s clients range in age from high school students to senior citizens. They choose and continue to train with Wei because she recognizes and exemplifies the strong connection between excellent health and a high quality of life and because she truly cares for them and wants to see them succeed in reaching their fitness goals.

Wei enthusiastically shares her experience, knowledge and passion for healthy, vibrant living with each and every one of her clients. Her hope is that they will also discover that being healthy and fit is not an option, but a birth-right that should be embraced and “exercised” to the fullest extent possible.

Professional Details

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer, American Council On Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher, 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
  • BS Math / Computer Science, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Client Testimonials

“Wei is smart, helpful, encouraging, positive, enthusiastic, skillful and lots of other attributes that have helped me achieve my training goals. She’s great!”

~ Ken

“The decision to train with Wei has been the best investment decision I have made in the last decade. As a mother of two young children, I began working with Wei in 2006 with the dual goal of increasing my strength and energy as well as proactively countering the physical wear and tear brought on by childbirth and aging. Wei helped me bounce back quickly after the birth of each child and has me feeling stronger and fitter (at 40) than I felt in my late 20’s. She is knowledgeable, inspirational, and a pleasure to work with… a true partner in my quest to stay healthy and vital.”

~ Angela

“I am a senior and have been training for over five years with Wei.  It has been a wonderful experience for me.  She has helped me enormously with balance and strength and general ease of movement.  She is very knowledgable about specific exercises for specific problems.  As a trainer, she is very gentle and caring and understanding, helping you to achieve your best, and at the same time she has a wonderfully calm demeanor so that the training session is at the same time of great spiritual benefit.” 

~ Millicent

“I started my personal training journey with Wei in 2006 and haven’t veered off it!!  She inspires me to “stay the course” and has become more than a personal trainer. . . like a friend.  Passionate, professional and knowledgeable are three of the key attributes that make Wei, Wei.  And oh, yes, I am still with Wei, “working out” 2x/ week.”  

~ Penny

Will Marts, Club Trainer

Club Trainer

Will Marts

I began my personal training career in Ohio working in multiple studios, gyms, and racket clubs. I worked with many athletes ranging from amateur to professional in sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and boxing. I then moved to Denver and acquired training techniques in a variety of mountain sports. I have now worked at AXIS for over 11 years with clients ranging from 15 years of age to 90. I enjoy all types of training because it constantly challenges me and motivates me to become better. Some examples of this include prehab, rehab, sport performance, metabolic, flexibility, and many more. I believe in working extremely hard to accomplish various goals but also feel that having fun is a key to life which is reflected in my training style.

I workout myself 4-5 times per week, participating in different activities such as basketball, skiing, biking, strength training, and anything outdoors.

Professional Details

  • B.S. In education (The Ohio State University) focusing in the areas of sport performance and Fitness
  • NASM
  • ISSA
  • PNF stretch certified
  • CPR/AED certified

Client Testimonials

“My nickname for Will is Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger, both because he is that, and also because he has made me more of all of those things than I ever have been in my life, or ever would have believed it possible for me to be. He perfectly combines incredible knowledge, personalized attention and unbelievable motivation, encouraging each person to bring their best possible self in order to become their best possible self. I absolutely feel like he wants my goals for me as much as I do. He is fast, fun, and phenomenal in every way. For the first time in my my life, I became comfortable in my own body because of Will’s skills.”

~ Rose M.

“Will’s workouts are always inventive and intense. With his expert eye, he keeps you right on the edge of your capabilities, as he creatively mixes up what he has you doing. In addition, he is a lot of fun to work with, and he enjoys seeing the positive impact his workouts have on you.”

~ Bob M.