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Jeffrey Kazmucha, Master TrainerJeffrey A. "Kaz" Kazmucha, MS, CES, CSCS, a Midwestern native, has been working at AXIS for 10 years and is dedicated to giving clients the best education and experiences possible that will affect and change their lives, one beating heart and flexing muscle at a time. In his words, "I aim to be Awesome! As such, I plan to be the best personal trainer and help each client achieve or reach their aspirations, dreams, goals, etc. My plan is to be an example and influence others (100% of the time), to have or learn to make healthy lifestyle choices and habits, laugh and smile a lot and move often. Be Awesome! and live each day health-fully."

Kaz's areas of specialty are exercise training for at-risk or chronic disease populations- such as diabetes and obesity, pediatrics and semi-private/small groups. He also specializes in clinical exercise programming, rehabilitation and sports specific exercise training. He has done extensive academic, clinical and private research, such as:

  1. the effects of Skype-based exercise training on exercise adherence and quantifiable results;
  2. the effects of inverted high-impact exercise training among populations with insulin resistance or Metabolic X Syndrome; and
  3. the health benefits of interactive video game playing.

Some of his contributing research has been published work.

Kaz is a grateful husband and proud father of four (Ryan, Ethan, Dylan and Grace) and loves to incorporate exercise into his busy life. "Exercise is the best medicine, naturally". So, he runs numerous races each year and works out 5-7 times per week. And if you do not know by now–He loves the Stairmaster! Really, really, really loves it!!!

Professional Details

  • Master of Science, Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
  • ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • ASEP Board-certified Exercise Physiologist
  • NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Founder, Phytly
  • Founder, Lively Street
  • Advisor, Tutti Dynamics
  • Product Manager, BodyKO
  • Lead Corporate Personal Trainer, Fundly, Inc.
  • Lead Corporate Personal Trainer of Fitness & Health, Smugmug, Inc.
  • Stanford Children’s Hospital’s Lead Clinical Pediatric Exercise Physiologist
  • Consultant,
  • Guest Speaker,
  • Vice President, Blueprint Essentials
  • IPC and Specialist, doTerra Essential Oils, Intl.

Client Testimonials

"I have been involved with training at Axis for over 15 years. And I have been working with Jeff for many of those years. I believe an experienced trainer is essential and provides guidance and inspiration for working out. There is motivation and also the personal guidance to do the job right! Jeff, or as we like to call him, Kaz, exemplifies what a trainer should be: he evaluates who you are and what your goals realistically should be; and he gets you to work – carefully and skillfully guiding you along the way to attain results with a smile. It is a delight to have Kaz as my trainer."

~D. Van Atta

"I was indirectly referred to Axis and Jeff. I will say it has been a great experience. Axis promotes the development of relationships with trainers that contributes greatly to loyalty and satisfaction. Jeff, he is an educated, thoughtful, expert on biomechanics, kinesiology, and physiology. The result is a workout that is constantly changing and challenging, reflecting the moving capabilities of, in my case, an older person.—progress is not linear, but lurches between infirmity. Over 20 years I have met and worked with trainers, all of them good. But, Jeff takes it to a higher level of competence."

~P. Hammell

"Eight years ago on Feb 17th I met with Jeff and performed my first personal training session -- my life was changed forever! Afterwards, I walked out the door hurting in muscles I didn't know existed, and thought "Wow, that was worth every penny." Together, we developed an exercise plan that helped revise my insulin resistance and prevent type II diabetes. And I've been training consistently ever since. In fact, my primary doc recently said my HDL is a whopping 72 and there are no signs of type II diabetes. He is thrilled for my prospects of a long, healthy life. I will always be grateful to Jeff ."

~T. Williams

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Direct: (650) 463-1920

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