Will Marts, Club TrainerI began my personal training career in Ohio working in multiple studios, gyms, and racket clubs. I worked with many athletes ranging from amateur to professional in sports like baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, and boxing. I then moved to Denver and acquired training techniques in a variety of mountain sports. I have now worked at AXIS for over 11 years with clients ranging from 15 years of age to 90. I enjoy all types of training because it constantly challenges me and motivates me to become better. Some examples of this include prehab, rehab, sport performance, metabolic, flexibility, and many more. I believe in working extremely hard to accomplish various goals but also feel that having fun is a key to life which is reflected in my training style.

I workout myself 4-5 times per week, participating in different activities such as basketball, skiing, biking, strength training, and anything outdoors.

Professional Details

  • B.S. In education (The Ohio State University) focusing in the areas of sport performance and Fitness
  • NASM
  • ISSA
  • PNF stretch certified
  • CPR/AED certified

Client Testimonials

"My nickname for Will is Better, Harder, Faster, Stronger, both because he is that, and also because he has made me more of all of those things than I ever have been in my life, or ever would have believed it possible for me to be. He perfectly combines incredible knowledge, personalized attention and unbelievable motivation, encouraging each person to bring their best possible self in order to become their best possible self. I absolutely feel like he wants my goals for me as much as I do. He is fast, fun, and phenomenal in every way. For the first time in my my life, I became comfortable in my own body because of Will's skills."

~Rose M.

"Will's workouts are always inventive and intense. With his expert eye, he keeps you right on the edge of your capabilities, as he creatively mixes up what he has you doing. In addition, he is a lot of fun to work with, and he enjoys seeing the positive impact his workouts have on you."

~Bob M.

Contact Information

Email: willmarts21@yahoo.com

Phone: (650) 269-2033

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Will MartsWill Marts, Club Trainer

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