Ty Texidor, Club TrainerTy prides herself on educational, safe, and incredibly intense routines. She pushes people to their physical limit yet guarantees to get them to smile throughout.

Graduating with honors from Barry University with a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training, Ty has taught collegiate level courses in this field and loves passing this knowledge on to her clientele. It is her goal that her clients not only get the results that they want but understand how and why they came to that success.

Ty's extreme focus on form and body alignment ensures that your body works in the most efficient manner for the exercise therefore making it more beneficial and virtually injury-proof.

Ty has been training competitively in sports since the age of 8 and has competed at the collegiate level in volleyball. Throughout this time she has learned, performed, and incorporated many variations of exercise into her routines to make them fun and entertaining. You will NEVER get bored!

Professional Details

  • BS Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
  • NATABOC 2001
  • CrossFit Level 1 2010
  • USAW 2010
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting 2010
  • CrossFit Power Lifting 2012
  • CrossFit Football 2012

Client Testimonials

"I have trained with Ty for over 5 years; she is passionate, dedicated, and patient. What she does better than the rest is push you to your limits every time you train so you always perform to your maximum ability. The other important thing is she keeps a sharp attention on your form so every set is efficient and safe. She is a great personal trainer."

~Jon G.

"I've been working out with Ty since 2009. I've learned so much from her about mobility, stability, speed, power and efficiency; all very key components to being a better competitor and to living pain free. In addition to her expertise, she's incredibly passionate about her work and helping people reach their goals."

~Molly F.

"I've worked with a number of trainers. When I work out, I want to work hard...I don't want to be coddled. I told this to Ty and she kicked my ass....and I love her for it. She's worked with me through torn rotator cuff surgery recovery and a back problem. She has an excellent understanding of physiology and body mechanics and understands how to give you a good workout without irritating existing injuries/problems.

I've also worked out with her when I've been healthy. (really)

Ty is great about assessing your weaknesses and working to improve them. She pushes you at just the right pace. You will see your body firm up and your balance improve."

~Lauri H.

Contact Information

Email: whatsurworth@yahoo.com

Phone: (650) 200-9615

Website: www.tytexidorpersonaltraining.com

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