Rebecca YbarraI have been a dancer all throughout my life and have taught all ages, which allowed me to focus mainly on balance and flexibility. I also have a background in gymnastics and  from that have gained knowledge of combining strength and endurance together. I have taught Zumba and currently teach tumbling and dance to young children. 

Though I love to keep up my dance, I moved more into the fitness area going into kickboxing training and then to personal training. Taking a leap from graceful dancer to explosive kick boxer allowed me to be versatile and feel confident, which is what I want my clients to be able to feel themselves. I make it a priority to learn and grow as much as I can in all areas of training so that I am able to help anyone and everyone get to where they want to be. As for my academics, I have studied behavioral health, mental health, and physical health. My switch to being a vegetarian has really given me nutritional insight and has sparked a passion in that area, as well as personal training of course. I always do my best to achieve goals, never settle, and most of all, create quality experiences with everyone.

Outside of Axis, I love hiking, family time, reading, writing, photography, traveling, and anything involving adrenaline and adventure!

Professional Details

  • AA in Behavioral Sciences
  • Masters in Nutrition (in progress)
  • Certificate in Speech and Communications
  • Certificate in CD Mental Health
  • CPR Certified

Contact Information


Direct: (650) 463-1920

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