DeAnn Teixeira, Club TrainerDeAnn has been a fitness trainer since 1998.

She has designed and instructs many group programs in the Bay Area, including the successful weight-loss program, The Shape Up Challenge.

Her specialties include strength training for beginners, boot camp, weight-loss, nutritional consulting, TRX Suspension Training, and cardio training.

Professional Details

  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Nutrition
  • WellCoaches educated
  • CPR/AED certified
  • TRX Suspension Training Group credentialed

Client Testimonials

"I have been training with DeAnn Texeira for 10 years. With her expertise in exercise and nutrition, DeAnn initially helped me lose weight and now she helps me stay fit. The workouts always vary; they are never dull. DeAnn is a fun person to be around and, at the same time, she is very motivating. She is a great trainer for all age levels."

~Kitty C.

"I have trained with DeAnn for ten years. It's rare to stay with an individual trainer that grows with your personal requirements, combined with changing training levels, with aging body, nutrition, etc., but DeAnn stays in tuned not only with the industry, but is the best living example of leading a fit life. She is passionate in her commitment to me and only expects that best of her clients. While training with her for over a decade, she pushes me to do more now than I ever was able to do in my younger years. Just a great example of a professional, someone who believes in what she does, is a living testimonial by example, combined with a stellar personality to make it rewarding, ever challenging and fun."

~Greg D.

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