Alvin Villadelgado, Performance Trainer

Alvin was born in the Philippines and moved to California at age 13. He currently competes in powerlifting - has a 420lb Squat, 270lb Bench and 520lb Deadlift.

What started Alvin’s excitement for training is the passion to see others improve their lifestyle through fitness and how it has changed his life. Having plenty of injuries throughout the years and playing sports in high school fueled his curiosity to learn about health and fitness. After graduating high school he wanted to learn how to help others prevent injuries and improve their lifestyle by learning how the body works and how to implement training into daily activities.

Alvin has worked with high school and college athletes, helped individuals recover from injuries, improve posture, and improve strength and conditioning performance. “As a trainer/coach, I believe in educating my clients about the body; I motivate them to push their limits and coach them on how to improve their life through fitness. My training style is based on functional movements that will help my clients move without pain during their daily activities or sports.”

When he is not training clients, Alvin enjoys drawing & sketching, traveling, training himself and playing with his puppy.


    • Weight Loss
    • Injury Prevention
    • Functional Strength
    • Conditioning
    • Mobility & Flexibility
    • Sports Specific Training


  • BS Kinesiology
  • NESTA Personal Trainer
  • Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • Underground Strength Coach
  • USPA Powerlifting Coach
  • Trigger Point Therapy

Contact Information


Phone: (408) 836-7682

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