Why we HAD to Bring Ben Greenfield to AXIS

It was 1994 when I attended the NSCA Conference in Arizona. The brilliant minds in the field of strength and conditioning were all there, from Drs. Fleck & Kraemer, Don Chu, and a handful of Eastern Bloc experts in our field. This was several years before Anti-Aging and Longevity would even be considered as important [...] Read More

Happy Anniversary AXIS!

October 6th, 2018: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 22 years ago we opened AXIS with the goal of creating a place for trainers to have a career, where they could grow personally and professionally. We envisioned a community, a gathering spot, for clients and trainers to thrive. We know we would not be here today if it weren’t […]

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Own the Pain

I was 5 years old, running, swinging, laughing and living a youthful and active life. Suddenly, I started writing with my left hand, but I am right-handed. The doctor said it was not out of the norm for kids to switch hands at that age. Then I started dragging my right leg. I was just […]

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The Heart of Business

What does it feel like to lose your dream? To put your heart and soul into building a community of like-minded team members, and loyal clients, only to have it ripped out from under you? I experienced it, as many business owners do, and it feels shitty! As an entrepreneur, your business is your baby […]

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