Our Favorite Things – A Holiday Gift Guide

We’re not Oprah, but over the last year we have looked at many different gadgets and tools. We are obsessed with learning the latest inventions to compliment and promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of our favorite things this holiday season, for anyone on the nice list: Blue Blocker glasses – If you […]

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The Future of Medicine?

We had the opportunity to have some interesting and innovative treatments done last month in Southern California at Upgrade Labs and Next Health. Our original plan for this blog post was to share this experience and talk about some of the latest modalities in the longevity space. First we thought we’d take a step back [...] Read More

Inflammation: Friend or Foe?

Inflammation has been a topic widely studied, and in recent years, widely discussed with it being the potential culprit of many chronic diseases. It’s important, however, to not completely think of it as a bad process. Acute inflammation is our friend. Acute inflammation happens anytime you fall down, workout, sprain an ankle, etc. We get [...] Read More

Love Your Mitochondria

Mitochondria, traditionally referred to as the powerhouse of our cells, are organelles that are responsible for our energy, our health and giving us the ability to enjoy life. They don’t simply produce energy, they keep us alive. What we learned once upon a time in science class, vastly under represents the importance of our mitochondria. [...] Read More

AXIS 2018 Annual Update

Each year we send out our version of an “annual report” to our clients, team and community. Here is our 2018 AXIS Update: Ten years ago AXIS was recreated, just over 12 years after it’s inception. In January of 2009, we were, for the first time, free of any outside investors and we began to […]

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Step Back & Smile

So many times we are too focused on getting things done; the to-do list may feel like it’s never ending, but sometimes you have to just step back and smile. Step back and look at your business from the outside; appreciate the moment of seeing a thriving community, an energetic environment, and enjoy watching your […]

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Blue Blockers: Our Latest Technological Obsession

Sleep, Workout, Eat Well, Drink “FloWater”, Meditate, Repeat!! In today’s data driven technology world with headbands, bracelets, rings and numerous other devices that can track our health, it can be quite overwhelming! We’ve know for years that we need to eat well, exercise, sleep, etc. for optimum health, but is there one change that we […]

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Stop Doing Performance Reviews; Start Having Conversations (Part 2)

In our first blog post on this subject, “Stop Doing Performance Reviews, Start Having Conversations, Part 1”, we discussed the long time ritual of formal performance reviews. We strongly feel that our employee performance has increased exponentially since we stopped doing reviews. Instead, we meet quarterly for 15 minutes with everyone. There is no form […]

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